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St James’ Park: Newcastle United FC

In the vibrant city of Newcastle, football holds a special place in the hearts of its residents, akin to a religion. And towering over the cityscape like a majestic cathedral is St. James’s Park. With its rich history and iconic presence, it casts a shadow over everything below. Since its establishment in 1880, this hallowed ground has witnessed countless thrilling football matches, becoming the beloved home of Newcastle United since 1892.


  • Year Opened: 1892
  • Capacity: 52,305
  • Average Attendance: 52,127
  • Record Attendance: 68,386 (Newcastle vs Chelsea in 1930)
  • Pitch Size: 105 x 68 meters
  • Nickname: St James’, Gallowgate, SJP
  • Owner: Newcastle United

Newcastle United

  • Year Founded: 1892
  • Nickname: The Magpies, Geordies
  • Club Mascot: Monty Magpie
  • Rivals: Sunderland
  • Kit: Black & White stripes (Home) / Green (Away)
  • Training Ground: Darsley Park
  • Shirt Sponsor: Sela
  • Team Owner: PIF, RB Sports and Media, PCP Capital
  • Record Goalscorer: Alan Shearer (206 goals)
  • Record Appearances: Jimmy Lawrence (496 appearances)

St James' Park

St James’ Park Seating Plan and Where to Sit

St. James’ Park has a unique and striking appearance, both from the air and on the ground. The ground’s asymmetrical design and variations in height give it a distinctive look. The Milburn and Leazes Stands are both double-tiered and feature executive boxes, while the East and Gallowgate Stands are single-tiered.

  • The Gallowgate End: Officially known as the Newcastle Brown Ale Stand, it is located at the Southern End of the ground.
  • The Leazes End: Also known as The Sir John Hall Stand, it is situated at the Northern end of the ground and is where the away fans are seated, creating a vibrant atmosphere.
  • The Milburn Stand: This is the main stand in the ground, named after the legendary Newcastle star Jackie Milburn.
  • The East Stand: The smallest of the four stands, it is appropriately named The East Stand and is yet to be renamed The Sir Bobby Robson Stand. Despite that, it features a suite and a statue dedicated to the late Sir Bobby Robson.
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Newcastle United Ticket Prices

Newcastle United’s ticket prices may not be as easily accessible as some other clubs, but we can provide a snapshot of the prices for a specific match. For example, when Newcastle hosted Bournemouth in the 2017-2018 Premier League season, tickets were categorized into three pricing tiers.

How to Get Newcastle United Tickets

To purchase tickets for Newcastle United matches, you can visit the club’s official website or contact their box office. Signing up as an official supporter grants you early access to ticket sales. It is advisable to avoid purchasing tickets from unofficial sources outside the stadium, as there is no guarantee of their authenticity and it may go against the club’s terms and conditions.

Getting to St James’ Park

Reaching St. James’ Park is relatively straightforward, considering its central location in Newcastle.

By Train: Head to Newcastle Central Station for mainline connections. From there, it is a short 15-minute walk to the ground. Alternatively, you can take the Metro line to St. James’ Station or Haymarket, depending on your starting point.

By Bus: Newcastle has two main bus stations, Haymarket and Eldon Square, both located near the ground and accessible from the city center. Please note that Stagecoach buses do not stop at these stations.

By Car: If you are traveling from the North-West, take the M6 and then the A69 to Newcastle. From the South, the M1 and A1 routes are typically used.

By Air: Newcastle Airport is approximately seven miles away from the stadium. The airport has a Metro station that provides convenient access within walking distance of the stadium.

By Taxi: Taxis are available, and a journey from the airport to the stadium would cost around £25. The journey typically takes around 15 minutes, providing a chance for an interesting conversation with the friendly taxi driver.

Parking Near St James’ Park

Parking near St. James’ Park can be challenging due to its city center location. However, there are public car parks in close proximity to the ground. The Gate and Eldon Park offer multi-story parking options nearby.

Useful Resources

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St James’ Park Hotels

As a vibrant city with a thriving nightlife and a substantial student population, Newcastle offers numerous hotel options. Here are some hotels conveniently located near St. James’ Park.

Pubs and Bars Near St James’ Park

Newcastle boasts a fantastic selection of pubs and bars, providing a tremendous atmosphere for visitors. While not all establishments cater specifically to football fans, we have highlighted a few excellent options for you to enjoy.


At St. James’ Park, you will find a variety of facilities to enhance your matchday experience. While alcohol prices may be considered higher than average, the friendly bar staff and ample kiosks ensure you won’t go thirsty. Additionally, you can indulge in tasty food options and even place bets in various locations within the stadium.

  • Prices:
    • Programme: £3
    • Pie: £3.90
    • Cup of tea: £2.30
    • Beer: £4.90


St. James’ Park offers a range of hospitality options to suit various preferences. From suites designed to accommodate larger groups to private boxes providing privacy and personalization, there is an option for everyone.

  • The Sir Bobby Robson Suite: Dedicated to one of the club’s most beloved figures, this suite offers a complimentary bar, on-site parking, an extensive a la carte menu, and seating in the director’s box. Guests also have the chance to participate in matchday competitions and receive exclusive corporate gifts.

  • The Heroes Club: For a more relaxed atmosphere, The Heroes Club provides director’s box seating, on-site parking, a gourmet three-course meal, a cheeseboard, and pre and post-match entertainment featuring former or current Newcastle players.

  • The Barracks and Park Grill: These spaces offer a vibrant party atmosphere, with live entertainment, gourmet sandwiches or grill-style food, and premium seating. Club legends may make appearances during these events.

Private Hire

In addition to tours and hospitality, St. James’ Park is an ideal venue for various events in the North-East. From conferences and exhibitions to breakout meetings and fashion shows, the club offers standard, deluxe, and daily delegate packages. The conference suites and executive boxes provide versatile spaces accommodating different group sizes. The Bamburgh Suite, the largest dining space in Newcastle, caters to grand events.

Stadium Tours & Museum

Explore the history and grandeur of St. James’ Park through the club’s stadium tours. The regular tour offers a glimpse of the stadium’s highest viewpoints, the home dressing room, the dugouts, and more. Rooftop tours provide an additional treat, allowing visitors to enjoy panoramic views of the city. Legends Tours, led by former Newcastle players, offer unique insights into specific parts of the stadium along with Q&A sessions.

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Unfortunately, St. James’ Park does not currently have a museum, but there are plans for future developments.

About Newcastle United

Newcastle United has enjoyed a special place in the hearts of football fans throughout the years. Under the leadership of Kevin Keegan, the team played exciting attacking football and came close to snatching the title from Manchester United. However, in recent times, the club has faced challenges, and the passion for the team has wavered due to the management of long-time owner Mike Ashley. Nevertheless, loyal Newcastle fans have stood by their club, eagerly awaiting a change of fortune.

In 2021, that change began to materialize when Mike Ashley sold the club to the Public Investment Fund (PIF), governed by Yasir Al-Rumayyan. The takeover sparked both enthusiasm and controversy, with discussions surrounding “sportwashing” and human rights concerns.

St James’ Park History

As the oldest and largest stadium in North-East England, St. James’ Park holds a special place in Newcastle’s history. Football matches have been played there since 1880, featuring teams such as Newcastle Rangers, Newcastle West End FC, and Newcastle East End FC.

St. James’ Park has also hosted other significant events. In 2012, it served as a stadium for the football matches during the Summer Olympics. Additionally, it was one of the venues for the Rugby World Cup in 2015.

Future Developments

Although there are no official plans at present to expand St. James’ Park, discussions with architects have taken place. It is being explored whether the capacity can be increased to around 60,000 by utilizing the land behind the Gallowgate, which is owned by the club. While it is still in the early stages, this development is much-needed after years of minimal infrastructure investment under Mike Ashley’s ownership.