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The Best Soccer Countries in the World

Soccer Countries

Soccer is a global phenomenon, with countries around the world showing great enthusiasm for the sport. Among them, several nations stand out for their exceptional soccer performance and unwavering support. In this article, we will explore the 25 best soccer countries in the world, highlighting their achievements and contributions to the sport.

25. Japan

Japan Soccer

Japan has seen its soccer prominence rise in recent years, with both the men’s and women’s teams making significant international impacts. While the women’s team has enjoyed more success, both teams are forces to be reckoned with in Asian soccer. The men’s team has reached the Round of 16 three times in the World Cup, while the women’s team secured victory in the 2011 Women’s World Cup.

24. Colombia

Colombia Soccer

Colombian soccer may fly under the radar compared to other South American powerhouses, but they have consistently shown their strength on the pitch. While they have yet to make it past the quarterfinals in the World Cup, their resilience in international matches is noteworthy. With further development of their women’s team, Colombia has the potential to climb higher in the rankings.

23. Denmark

Denmark Soccer

Denmark, despite its relatively small size, has proven its soccer prowess. The national team had an impressive showing in the 2018 FIFA World Cup before being eliminated by Croatia. They won the 1982 European Championship and consistently rank among the top 20 teams. Danish players also excel in top European leagues, representing their nation at the highest level.

22. Switzerland

Switzerland Soccer

Switzerland surprised many soccer fans with their remarkable performance in the 2018 World Cup, reaching the Round of 16. With players spread across top European leagues, the Swiss Super League faces challenges in terms of performance but remains competitive. Switzerland’s national team is expected to continue challenging for top honors in upcoming tournaments.

21. United States

United States Soccer

Soccer’s popularity is steadily growing in the United States, with the country boasting one of the largest fan bases worldwide. While the men’s national team is still striving for greater international success, they have produced world-class players. The women’s team, on the other hand, has achieved multiple World Cup victories and remains a dominant force in the sport.

20. Portugal

Portugal Soccer

Portugal’s soccer legacy is synonymous with Cristiano Ronaldo, an international star who has brought immense credibility to the nation. With a third-place finish in 1966 and a victory in the 2016 European Championship, Portugal has showcased its competitive spirit. Its domestic league, the Portuguese Liga, is also highly regarded, further contributing to their consistent performance.

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19. Croatia

Croatia Soccer

Croatia’s surprising journey to the World Cup Finals firmly established them as one of the top soccer countries. While they have yet to achieve notable success in the European Championships, their performance in recent years, led by star player Luka Modric, has garnered significant interest in the sport. Croatia aims to build a stronger domestic league to retain talented players and further elevate their position.

18. Chile

Chile Soccer

Chile’s soccer accomplishments often go under the radar, overshadowed by other South American giants. Despite their best result, a third-place finish in 1962, they are striving to make an impact in modern times. While their women’s national team is catching up, Chile is actively looking to accelerate their progress and compete on a global stage.

17. Austria

Austria Soccer

Austria’s soccer legacy is anchored in their past successes, with their last World Cup appearance dating back almost two decades. Although the sport’s dominance has waned, Austria continues to produce talented players contributing to top European leagues. Their commitment to the sport remains unwavering, as they strive to reclaim their past glory.

16. Hungary

Hungary Soccer

Hungary’s soccer success peaked over half a century ago, with notable performances in the 1938 and 1954 World Cups. However, recent struggles have affected their ranking. Despite the drought, Hungary boasts promising young players who may propel them back into the spotlight in the future.

15. Mexico

Mexico Soccer

Mexico’s soccer performance has been consistently strong, benefitting from qualification in a relatively weaker region. The national team regularly impresses in World Cups, frequently reaching the Round of 16. While they face challenges progressing further, Mexico’s women’s team shows promise, though they are still working to catch up with the world’s best.

14. Poland

Poland Soccer

Poland’s soccer legacy stems from their strong performances in the 1970s and 1980s. Although they have experienced a decline, Polish players continue to make an impact in top domestic leagues. To maintain their position among the world’s best, Poland aims to achieve more recent successes on the international stage.

13. Serbia

Serbia Soccer

Serbia’s national team has made significant strides, establishing themselves as a formidable power in European soccer. While they have yet to achieve a defining moment on the international stage, Serbian players historically contributed to success when playing for the former Yugoslav team. Despite competition from larger European nations, Serbia holds its ground.

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12. Sweden

Sweden Soccer

Sweden’s national team garnered attention in their impressive run to the 2018 World Cup quarterfinals, their best performance since 1984. With players excelling in leagues across Europe, Sweden’s domestic league may not be the strongest, but the nation consistently competes at the international level. Additionally, Sweden’s women’s team has achieved remarkable success, consistently ranking among the top teams globally.

11. Russia

Russia Soccer

Russia, with its large population, possesses great potential in soccer. While they reached the quarterfinals in the 2018 World Cup, the national team faces challenges in keeping up with Europe’s top soccer nations. Similarly, the women’s national team seeks improvement. Russia’s soccer hopes lie in the development of talented individuals and future success.

10. Uruguay

Uruguay Soccer

Uruguay, a smaller country, holds a rich soccer tradition. Winning titles in 1930 and 1950, Uruguay made a lasting impact on the sport. Although recent achievements have been limited, their formidable players challenge the dominance of Brazil and Argentina. Uruguay’s domestic league, the Uruguayan Primera División, fosters talent and contributes to their consistent performance.

9. Belgium

Belgium Soccer

Belgium is on its way to becoming a fixture in the top 10 soccer countries globally. While they have yet to achieve significant success in the World Cup, their talent pool and consistent participation make them formidable opponents. Their domestic league, the Belgian Jupiler Pro League, further showcases their commitment to the sport.

8. Netherlands

Netherlands Soccer

The Netherlands boasts a rich soccer tradition, consistently performing at a high level internationally. Their players are renowned, with several excelling in leagues across Europe. Additionally, the Dutch have produced dominant domestic clubs, such as Ajax, making their mark in the UEFA Champions League. The Netherlands takes great pride in its soccer accomplishments.

7. France

France Soccer

As the reigning World Cup champions, France holds undeniable supremacy in international soccer. Their talented players, including Kylian Mbappe, contribute to their success. France’s domestic league, Ligue 1, continues to improve, with Paris St. Germain standing as one of the world’s most talented teams. Not to be overlooked, France’s women’s team ranks among the top contenders globally.

6. Spain

Spain Soccer

Spain has experienced a golden era of soccer over the past few decades. They consistently perform well in international tournaments and boast a passionate fanbase. La Liga, Spain’s domestic league, has evolved into one of the world’s most competitive, with clubs like FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Atletico Madrid. Spain’s soccer legacy remains strong.

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5. Argentina

Argentina Soccer

Argentina is home to legendary soccer figures such as Maradona and Lionel Messi, both considered among the greatest players of all time. While Argentina has not achieved the same international success as some other top countries, their stars shine bright. Argentina’s domestic league, the Argentina Primera Division, contributes to their soccer heritage.

4. England

England Soccer

England, with its deep-rooted connection to the sport, takes soccer to heart. The Premier League, based in England, is widely considered the world’s best and most competitive domestic league. England’s passionate fan base fuels their commitment to the sport.

3. Italy

Italy Soccer

Italy’s soccer legacy is evident in their consistent performances over the years. With four World Cup titles on the men’s side and a competitive women’s team, Italy remains a dominant force in the sport. Serie A, Italy’s domestic league, boasts renowned teams like Juventus and AS Roma, solidifying their international reputation.

2. Germany

Germany Soccer

Germany’s disciplined approach to soccer, coupled with a consistent crop of talented players, has earned them a place among the sport’s elite. While their top league, the Bundesliga, is dominated by Bayern Munich, other German teams regularly compete in international tournaments. Germany’s players exemplify discipline and professionalism on and off the pitch.

1. Brazil

Brazil Soccer

Brazil’s passion for soccer is unmatched, with the sport deeply ingrained in the country’s culture. Despite a World Cup victory drought, Brazil continuously produces exceptional talent. The domestic league, Brazilierio Serie A, provides a platform for nurturing players. While the women’s game is slower to develop in South America, Brazil’s women’s team leads the continent. Brazil’s fervor for soccer remains unparalleled.


  • Which country has won the most World Cups?
    Brazil holds the record for the most World Cup victories, with a total of five titles.

  • Who is the greatest soccer player of all time?
    Debates around the greatest soccer player of all time often center around players like Diego Maradona, Lionel Messi, and Cristiano Ronaldo.

  • Which domestic league is considered the best in the world?
    The Premier League, based in England, is widely regarded as the best and most competitive domestic league globally.


Soccer’s global reach is evident in the passion and accomplishments of the 25 best soccer countries. Each nation brings its own unique soccer heritage, producing exceptional players and captivating fans worldwide. From Brazil’s unmatched fervor to Germany’s disciplined approach, these countries continuously contribute to the sport’s greatness.