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Famous Soccer Players With The Number 2 Jersey

Kyle Walker

The number two jersey in soccer is most commonly associated with the right-back position. In the past, this role was considered less glamorous, as the right-back would primarily focus on defending. However, in modern soccer, full-backs like Trent Alexander-Arnold and Kyle Walker have become crucial in both defense and attack.

Today, we will explore the seven best soccer players who have worn the number two jersey. These players stood out from the pack and left an indelible mark on the game. Let’s discover what made them so special.

7. Diego Godin – Atletico Madrid & Uruguay

Diego Godin

Diego Godin, the most capped Uruguayan soccer player of all time, is known for his tactical astuteness, aggression, and focus on the field. His time at Atletico Madrid was a match made in heaven, as he thrived in the club’s aggressive style of play. Godin’s leadership qualities and work ethic quickly made him a fan favorite. He helped Atletico win eight trophies during his nine seasons with the club, including the 2013-14 La Liga title. In addition, Godin has been a mainstay for the Uruguayan national team, making him their most capped player in history.

6. Clint Dempsey – Tottenham Hotspur & USA

Clint Dempsey

Clint Dempsey, an American legend, defied the traditional association of the number two jersey with right-backs by playing as a striker. Known for his versatility, Dempsey showcased his skills in various positions throughout his career. His flair and ability to score world-class goals made him a memorable player. Dempsey left a lasting mark on the game, finishing his international career with 141 caps and becoming the joint-highest goalscorer for the US national team with 57 goals.

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5. Kyle Walker – Manchester City & England

Kyle Walker

Kyle Walker, currently playing for Manchester City and the England national team, is one of the best right-backs in the Premier League. Known for his lightning-fast pace and versatility, Walker is a consistent and threatening presence on the field. He has won numerous titles, including four Premier League titles and the FA Cup. Walker’s speed and defensive prowess make him a formidable opponent for any attacker.

4. Lilian Thuram – Juventus & France

Lilian Thuram

Lilian Thuram, a French international, was known for his athleticism, focus, and aggressive style of play. As an attacking full-back, Thuram was a nightmare to get past due to his excellent man-marking skills. He was regarded as one of the greatest defenders of all time, with pace, strength, and a fierce determination to win. Thuram’s contributions were crucial to France winning the 1998 FIFA World Cup.

3. Gary Neville – Manchester United & England

Gary Neville

Gary Neville, a one-club player for Manchester United, is remembered as a world-class right-back and a passionate leader on the field. Neville’s dedication and relentless drive to win made him stand out. He won numerous titles during his career, including eight Premier League titles and two Champions League titles. Neville’s contribution to Manchester United’s success cannot be overstated.

2. Cafu – AC Milan & Brazil


Cafu, the most-capped Brazilian player of all time, revolutionized the role of the attacking full-back. Known for his incredible stamina, passing ability, and infectious joy for the game, Cafu became one of the best right-backs in history. He won numerous titles, including the Serie A with Roma and multiple international trophies with Brazil.

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1. Dani Alves – Barcelona & Brazil

Dani Alves

Dani Alves, the most decorated soccer player in history, is widely regarded as the greatest right-back of all time. His combination of pace, athleticism, and attacking flair made him a formidable force on the field. Alves won an incredible 46 titles throughout his career, including six La Liga titles and three Champions League titles with Barcelona. Despite his success, the elusive World Cup trophy is one of the few accolades that eluded him.


  • Q: Are there any famous left-backs who have worn the number two jersey?

    • A: While the number two jersey is commonly associated with right-backs, there have been instances where left-backs have worn it. However, the focus of this article is on famous right-backs.
  • Q: Who is the youngest player on this list?

    • A: Kyle Walker, currently playing for Manchester City and the England national team, is the youngest player on this list.
  • Q: Are there any female players who have worn the number two jersey?

    • A: This article primarily focuses on male soccer players. However, there have been female players who have worn the number two jersey as well.