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How Many Red Cards Does Lionel Messi Have? 

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi, known as one of soccer’s greatest strikers, has had an illustrious career filled with numerous awards and accolades. However, even the best players have their fair share of ups and downs. In Messi’s case, a few red cards have marred his otherwise faultless career. Let’s take a closer look at Lionel Messi’s red card record.

Lionel Messi’s Red Cards

Throughout his professional career spanning three decades, Lionel Messi has received only three red cards. That’s an average of one red card per decade. Here is a breakdown of each incident:

  • Messi’s first red card occurred during his international debut for Argentina in 2005. As a young player, he lost his temper and struck an opponent’s face after being pulled back by his shirt. Many argue that the red card was unfairly given.
  • The second red card came in the bronze medal match of the 2019 Copa América championship. Messi collided with a defender and engaged in a heated confrontation, resulting in both players being sent off.
  • Messi’s sole red card in club soccer occurred during the 2021 Supercopa de España final. Frustrated, Messi struck an opponent in the back of the head during extra time.

Messi speaking to teammates

It’s worth noting that Messi’s red cards have been relatively rare considering the number of games he has played.

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How Many Yellow Cards Does Messi Have?

While Messi’s red card tally is scarce, he has received 104 yellow cards throughout his career. With over 800 club games and 150 international games, Messi’s disciplinary record is still impressive, as he typically avoids receiving any cards in most matches.

How Disciplined Is Messi Compared to His Rivals?

When compared to some of Messi’s fellow elite strikers, it becomes clear just how disciplined he is. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Neymar have all received more red cards than Messi.

Are There More Red Cards in Store for Messi?

As Messi enters the final years of his career, there is always the possibility that emotions may get the better of him in future games. However, based on his statistics so far, it is unlikely that Messi will receive many more red cards. His exceptional movement and ability to avoid fouls have been key factors in keeping his disciplinary record clean. While age may slow him down, Messi’s discipline and control on the field are expected to continue.


Q: How many red cards has Lionel Messi received?
A: Lionel Messi has received three red cards throughout his professional career.

Q: How many yellow cards does Lionel Messi have?
A: Lionel Messi has received a total of 104 yellow cards.


Despite a few red cards throughout his career, Lionel Messi’s overall disciplinary record remains impressive. His exceptional skills, discipline, and ability to avoid fouls have made him one of soccer’s greatest players. As Messi continues to make his mark on the sport, it is unlikely that we will see many more red cards in his future.

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