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Jessie Engelhart: International Sports Lawyer

Sports lawyer Jessie Engelhart has an impressive background working with top football organizations such as FC Barcelona and UEFA. Her expertise extends to strategy and innovation in the world of football. Today, Engelhart is focused on independent projects as she co-founded Sensato Sports Law, a boutique firm specializing in sports-related disputes and advice. Furthermore, she has developed a range of resources designed to support aspiring football professionals. Engelhart’s Sports Career Guide offers a self-paced, online course that covers all the essential information needed to kickstart a successful career in sports. In this interview, we explore Jessie Engelhart’s journey into the industry, the resources she has recently launched, and her valuable tips for those aspiring to work in football.

How did Jessie Engelhart start working in sports law?

After completing law school, Engelhart embarked on internships and came across the exciting field of sports law. Intrigued, she pursued further research, eventually obtaining a Master’s degree in Sports Management and Law. Engelhart believed that combining legal expertise with a deep understanding of the industry would make her a specialist in the field. This led her to land an internship at FC Barcelona’s Innovation department, which kickstarted her career in the sports industry.

What role does Strategy and Innovation play in football?

Engelhart explains that in the Innovation Hub, collaboration with different departments in the club is crucial. They identify the business needs of each department and work towards finding innovative solutions. For example, they explore ways to boost revenue streams from sponsors, partnering with startups, and conducting extensive research. FC Barcelona also emphasizes open innovation, sharing their knowledge with other clubs and stakeholders to elevate the game of football as a whole.

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Which Innovation project is Engelhart most proud of?

Engelhart feels a sense of pride in her work on the European Football Lab. This initiative involved bringing together top clubs and industry experts in various fields, such as nutrition and sports science. The goal was to create a collaborative environment where clubs would openly share their best practices and learn from one another. Engelhart found this concept of open innovation groundbreaking, as it shattered the notion that clubs should keep their secrets to themselves.

How did Engelhart transition from Sports Innovation to Sports Law?

When the pandemic hit, UEFA faced unique challenges, and innovative solutions became essential. As the organization underwent restructuring, Engelhart had the opportunity to either stay as the Head of Innovation or venture into a new direction. Inspired by her work with startups and fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit, she decided to establish her own sports law firm, Sensato Sports Law. With an aim to revolutionize the legal landscape, Engelhart and her team differentiate themselves by offering a client-centric approach and embracing innovation.

Is this holistic approach becoming more common in the industry?

Engelhart believes that younger firms like Sensato Law are changing the legal landscape by adopting a more diverse and innovative approach. Their success in challenging traditional practices has opened the eyes of law students and inspired them to consider starting their own firms at a young age.

Sports Career Guide: A Comprehensive Resource

Engelhart’s Sports Career Guide was born out of the demand for practical information on launching a career in sports. The guide covers different career paths, building networks, securing internships, and developing the necessary skills to thrive in the industry. Designed for students and professionals alike, the course provides valuable insights and acts as an online mentor for those seeking guidance. With a focus on affordability, Engelhart aims to share her knowledge and empower individuals aspiring to enter the sports industry.

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Q: Who is Jessie Engelhart?

A: Jessie Engelhart is an international sports lawyer with extensive experience in strategy, innovation, and legal matters in the football industry. She has worked with prominent organizations such as FC Barcelona and UEFA. Engleharts co-founded Sensato Sports Law, a boutique law firm specializing in sports-related disputes and advice.

Q: What is the Sports Career Guide by Jessie Engelhart?

A: The Sports Career Guide is a comprehensive self-paced online course designed for individuals interested in pursuing a career in sports. Developed by Jessie Engelhart, the guide covers various career paths, networking strategies, gaining work experience, and building a personal brand. It offers valuable insights and acts as a mentor for those looking to break into the sports industry.


Jessie Engelhart, a well-established international sports lawyer, has made significant contributions to the football industry through her work with FC Barcelona and UEFA. She co-founded Sensato Sports Law, a boutique law firm that specializes in sports-related disputes. Additionally, Engelhart has launched the Sports Career Guide, an affordable and comprehensive online course aimed at helping individuals interested in pursuing a career in sports. This practical resource covers essential topics such as finding a niche, gaining knowledge, acquiring work experience, growing networks, and building a personal brand. Englehart’s client-centric approach and innovative mindset drive her commitment to revolutionizing the legal landscape, ensuring that aspiring sports professionals receive the support they need to succeed. For more information and to access the Sports Career Guide, visit movin993.com.

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