Tuesday, 23 Jul 2024

Ryan Fisher: Football Agent

Ryan Fisher is revolutionizing the world of football representation with his unique approach as a football intermediary. Armed with a passion for data and analytics, Ryan combines his expertise in business, gained from a successful career in Australian real estate, with his love for the game. In this interview, Ryan provides valuable insights into the life of a football agent, offering a fresh perspective for those interested in the industry.

The Path Less Traveled

Ryan’s journey into football wasn’t the conventional route. Born in England, he moved to Australia at a young age and had dreams of becoming a footballer. However, due to limited opportunities, he pursued a career in real estate after leaving school. The skills he acquired as a chef and in the real estate industry have proven invaluable in his current role. Ryan’s keen eye for detail and dedication to excellence have led him to embrace data and analytics in his work as a football agent.

A Different Approach

Ryan’s philosophy as a football intermediary sets him apart. Rather than focusing on young players at the grassroots level, he believes in allowing them to develop naturally, intervening only when they reach a certain level of maturity. Ryan also emphasizes the importance of quality over quantity, representing a select group of players to ensure personalized attention and outstanding service. Furthermore, he aims to provide post-career security for his clients, recognizing the need for guidance and support beyond their playing days.

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Embracing Data and Analytics

In an era where data and analytics are playing an increasingly significant role in football, Ryan understands the importance of keeping up with the latest trends. By partnering with a data and analytics company, he ensures that he is well-informed and equipped to make informed decisions regarding player development and commercial opportunities. Ryan believes that embracing data and analytics is crucial for maximizing negotiation outcomes and securing the best deals for his clients.

The Impact of COVID-19

Like many industries, football has been greatly affected by the ongoing pandemic. The transfer market has seen a rise in loan deals, and player values have fluctuated due to economic uncertainty. The restrictions imposed by COVID-19 have also made it challenging for Ryan to visit clubs and interact with players and decision-makers. Nonetheless, he remains determined to adapt to these changes, constantly seeking new opportunities and providing value where others may struggle.

Looking Ahead

As Ryan continues to build Total Football Group, he has clear objectives in mind. He aims to represent some of the world’s top players, broker significant deals, and invest back into the game. Additionally, he aspires to move into the political side of football, contributing to the governance and development of the sport. Ultimately, Ryan’s overarching ambition is to leave a lasting positive impact on the industry, ensuring that football continues to thrive long after his career has ended.


Q: How does Ryan Fisher approach player representation differently?
A: Ryan believes in allowing players to develop naturally before intervening as a football agent. His focus is on quality over quantity, representing a select group of players to provide personalized attention and exceptional service.

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Q: How does Ryan utilize data and analytics in his role?
A: Ryan recognizes the importance of data and analytics in the modern football landscape. By partnering with a data and analytics company, he ensures that he has access to valuable insights for player development and commercial opportunities.

Q: How has COVID-19 impacted Ryan’s work as a football agent?
A: The pandemic has presented various challenges, including reduced player values and restricted travel. However, Ryan remains resilient, adapting to the changing circumstances and seeking new opportunities in the industry.


Ryan Fisher, a football agent with a unique approach, is making waves in the industry. By combining his business acumen with a passion for data and analytics, Ryan offers a fresh perspective on player representation. He emphasizes quality over quantity, focusing on personalized service and post-career security for his clients. In an ever-evolving industry, Ryan understands the importance of embracing data and analytics to ensure the best outcomes for his players. Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, Ryan remains determined to make a positive impact on football, both on and off the field.

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