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Who Holds the World Cup Trophy?

Original World Cup Trophy

With the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, our anticipation grows as we imagine our national heroes lifting the historic gold trophy on the desert sands in December. However, have you ever wondered who gets to keep the trophy after the tournament? Let’s explore this fascinating topic.

The World Cup Trophy – A Replica for Champions

Unlike popular belief, the World Cup trophy is not kept by the winning team. Instead, it remains in FIFA’s possession at the FIFA World Football Museum in Zurich, Switzerland. The victorious nation receives a gold-plated bronze replica of the original trophy. This replica is usually displayed in the winning nation’s national football museum.

The decision to award a replica trophy instead of the original has an interesting history that we should delve into.

The Jules Rimet Trophy – A Legacy

Jules Rimet Trophy

Until the 1974 World Cup in West Germany, the World Cup trophy, known as the Jules Rimet Trophy, had a different appearance. It was named after the former FIFA President, Jules Rimet, who created the World Cup. In the earlier years, when a team won the tournament, they were allowed to keep the trophy until the next World Cup. This belief stemmed from the idea that the victorious team had earned the right to possess it.

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The Jules Rimet Trophy had its own thrilling adventures. During World War II, it had to be hidden from the Nazis, who sought to seize it from the Italians. The trophy was reportedly hidden in a shoebox by the president of the Italian federation.

However, as time went on, the Jules Rimet Trophy faced more risks and even went missing after being stolen in 1966. Thankfully, it was found abandoned in a South London bin by a dog named Pickles. This incident led to the decision that the original trophy should no longer be displayed, and a replica was created by the Football Association (FA).

The real Jules Rimet Trophy now rests in Brazil after they won the tournament for the third time in 1970. It was decided that Brazil would keep the trophy permanently, and a new trophy design would be introduced from 1974 onwards.

The New World Cup Trophy – A Symbol of Unity

World Cup Trophy

The iconic World Cup trophy that we are familiar with today was introduced for the 1974 World Cup. This magnificent trophy depicts two figures lifting the globe together and is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful trophies in the world of sports.

After the misadventures with the Jules Rimet Trophy, FIFA became more cautious about the possession of the trophy. Thus, the winning team no longer keeps the original trophy for four years. Instead, they receive a bronze replica, which they can keep forever. Each replica is unique and holds special significance for the victorious nation.

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The authentic World Cup trophy is safeguarded at FIFA’s headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. It only makes rare appearances for significant events such as the draw for the Finals, the first and last games of the tournament, and the FIFA World Cup trophy tour.

The trophy tour is a moment eagerly awaited by fans around the world. It visits every country that qualifies for the tournament, aiming to unite the globe in a shared love for soccer. Legends of the game often accompany the tour, making it a truly unforgettable experience. By 2030, FIFA plans for the trophy to visit every FIFA member state.


Where is the original World Cup trophy kept?

The original World Cup trophy is securely held at FIFA’s headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.

Do winning nations receive a replica trophy?

Yes, the winning nation receives a bronze replica of the World Cup trophy to keep forever. Each replica is personalized with the name of the winning country inscribed on its base.

Can fans see the original trophy?

Fans can catch a glimpse of the original trophy during the FIFA World Cup trophy tour. This tour visits each qualifying country and offers fans a rare opportunity to see the trophy up close.

When is the next World Cup?

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will commence on November 20th. The US men’s national team will face competitive matches against Iran, Wales, and England in the group stages. Exciting times lie ahead for soccer enthusiasts!


Now that you have learned about the journey of the World Cup trophy and where it finds its place after each tournament, you possess an extraordinary knowledge that will impress your friends and deepen your appreciation for this iconic trophy. The World Cup trophy has had its fair share of adventures and will continue to captivate fans across the globe for years to come.

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