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Will Leversuch: Player Status Officer, The FA

Will Leversuch: Player Status Officer at The FA, began his career in the football industry as an HR intern at West Ham United Football Club. Over time, he gained experience in managing complex administration tasks during transfer windows and assisting in developing the women’s professional game. With a genuine passion for football administration and a separate role as an In-ground Correspondent for Opta, Will is dedicated to progressing his career within the industry. Let’s delve into his journey and insights from his various roles.

Starting as an HR Intern at West Ham United

Will Leversuch’s journey in football began as an HR intern at West Ham United Football Club. While his business-related degree sparked an interest in HR, the opportunity to work at a Premier League club was the initial draw for him. Through this role, he gained valuable insights into how football clubs operate, understanding various departments and processes.

Progressing within West Ham United

After his internship, Will had the opportunity to explore other areas of the club. He worked in marketing and with the Club Secretary, Andrew Pincher. This diverse experience within West Ham allowed him to gain a comprehensive overview of the industry and determine his focus on football administration.

Moving to The FA: Pursuing Football Administration

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Will’s interest in football administration grew through conversations with Andrew Pincher. He contemplated volunteer opportunities within football administration at different levels but was ultimately offered a position at The FA. The opportunity to work in governance and regulations, specifically within a governing body, league, or club, aligned with his career aspirations.

Transitioning into a Complex Role

Transitioning into football administration at The FA required Will to grasp the rules and regulations associated with his role. While his background in HR provided a foundation, he acknowledges the increasing importance of an understanding of law within the industry. Will embraced the challenge, extensively studying the rules and regulations to prove his capabilities in handling the pressure.

Future Aspirations and Roles of Interest

Will’s experience within a club and a football organization has helped shape his career aspirations. While he has been drawn to intense roles within clubs, such as a club secretary position, he currently enjoys the balance between administrative and officer responsibilities in his role as the Player Status Officer at The FA. He aims to continue working in football administration and governance, particularly in the women’s game, helping to professionalize rules, regulations, and player registrations.

The Role of In-Ground Correspondent at Opta Sports

Alongside his full-time job, Will also serves as an In-Ground Correspondent at Opta Sports. This role involves being Opta’s point of contact at football matches, providing real-time updates and ensuring data collection accuracy. It requires focused attention to detail and a unique way of watching football to capture relevant match events.

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Career Advice and Encouragement

For those aspiring to pursue a career in the football industry, Will suggests getting involved and gaining practical experience. Volunteering or freelancing within the industry can provide valuable insights and enhance educational backgrounds. Will’s initial internship at West Ham United opened doors for his career progression, emphasizing the importance of getting a foot in the door and continuously pushing oneself to develop.

Embracing Women’s Football

Will’s involvement in the women’s game has been both personal and professional. He has always wanted to support the development of women’s and girl’s football, leveraging his role at The FA to contribute to the professionalization of the Women’s Super League. Additionally, working in women’s football has allowed Will to engage directly with senior individuals and be part of important conversations and rule changes, providing valuable insight and personal growth opportunities.

In summary, Will Leversuch’s journey in football administration showcases his passion, dedication, and desire to continue making a significant impact in the industry. From his humble beginnings as an HR intern to his current role as the Player Status Officer at The FA, Will’s varied experiences have shaped his expertise and propelled his career forward. His involvement in women’s football and additional role as an In-Ground Correspondent reflect his commitment to contributing to the growth and development of the beautiful game.