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Woodside Road: Worthing FC

If you’re a football enthusiast who loves captivating stories about unique stadiums, then the lower leagues are where you’ll find them. Woodside Road, home to Worthing FC, is no exception. Its rich history dates back to 1892 when it was known as the Pavilion Road Sports Ground, covering around 13 acres of land. The iconic pavilion, built in the Queen Anne style, lent its name to both the sports ground and the nearest road. In 1937, the existing stadium was developed on the northern portion of the land. Woodside Road has since become a symbol of tradition and passion in the lower leagues of English football.

Worthing FC: A Story of Resilience

Worthing Association Football Club was founded in 1886 and quickly established itself as a prominent team in the local football scene. Initially playing friendlies, they had their first competitive match in the Sussex Senior Challenge Cup on November 27, 1886, defeating Brighton Hornets. The club’s success continued as they clinched the Sussex Senior Challenge Cup in the 1892-1893 season, triumphing over Eastbourne in the final. Despite a life in the lower leagues, Worthing FC has experienced minor victories and consistently showcased their dedication to the beautiful game.

Woodside Road Stats

Year Opened: 1892
Capacity: 3250
Average Attendance: 1324
Record Attendance: 3600 (Worthing v Wimbledon, November 14, 1936)
Pitch Size: 100 x 64 (6400)
Sponsor: Sussex Transport
Clubs Hosted: Worthing, Horsham, Brighton & Hove Albion Reserves

Woodside Road Photos

Woodside Road

Woodside Road Seating Plan and Where to Sit

If you’re accustomed to the grandeur of Premier League stadiums, Woodside Road may come as a surprise. The facilities are modest, with only two main stands available. Unlike the towering structures you may have encountered at iconic venues like Old Trafford or Anfield, most of the viewing areas at Woodside Road are terraces. Comfort may not be a guarantee, but the electric atmosphere and passionate fans make up for it.

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Worthing FC Ticket Prices

Here is a breakdown of the ticket prices for Worthing FC matches during the 2023-2024 campaign:

  • Adult: £16
  • Concession: £12
  • Under 16s: £6
  • Under 12s: £3
  • Under-6s: Free (accompanied by an adult)

Concession tickets apply to anyone over the age of 65, students with valid ID, and people with disabilities.

How To Get Worthing FC Tickets

To secure tickets for a Worthing FC match, head over to the club’s official website. Their user-friendly platform provides all the necessary information, including ticket prices and purchasing options. You can also buy tickets on the turnstile if you prefer.

Where to Buy

  • Ticket Compare

Getting To Woodside Road


For those opting for public transportation, Worthing Railway Station and West Worthing Railway Station are the go-to destinations. Both stations are just a short ten-minute walk from the stadium, offering convenient access for eco-conscious travelers.


If you prefer traveling by bus, the number 10 route stops near the stadium, making it a hassle-free option for getting to Woodside Road.


If driving is your preferred mode of transport, be prepared for a significant journey. Worthing’s home ground is situated on the South coast of England, devoid of major motorway access. The A23 will be your primary route, with ample signposting guiding you towards your destination as you approach.

By Air

While Gatwick is the closest airport to the Sussex Transport Community Stadium, other London airports can be equally convenient. Choose the one that suits your travel plans best and make your way to the stadium from there.


Given the short distance between the railway stations and the football ground, walking is the most viable option. However, if circumstances prevent you from doing so, a taxi ride to the stadium generally costs between £5 and £10.

Parking Near Woodside Road

Public parking at the stadium itself is limited and primarily reserved for club officials and disabled supporters. For safe parking options, the Queen Street Car Park, located behind the church, offers approximately 80 spaces. Additionally, street parking is available in the surrounding areas, subject to local regulations and charges. Please be considerate of residents when parking.

  • See Available Parking Near Woodside Road
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Useful Resources

  • Parking – Just Park

Pubs and Bars Near Woodside Road

After soaking up the vibrant atmosphere of Worthing FC matches, why not head to one of the nearby pubs or bars to continue the football conversations? These establishments provide a fantastic opportunity to interact with fellow fans and relish in the post-match analysis.

About Worthing FC

Worthing FC, affectionately known as the Rebels, has a rich history steeped in passion and resilience. The club’s nickname originated from their decision to resign from the West Sussex League on a point of principle. Additionally, Worthing is often referred to as “The Mackerel Men,” a nod to the three fish depicted on their club crest. Established in 1886 as Worthing Association Football Club, they dropped the “association” part of their name before absorbing Worthing Athletic in the 1899-1900 season. Throughout their existence, Worthing FC has won numerous trophies in the lower leagues, making a steady climb up the English football ladder.

Woodside Road History

Woodside Road is imbued with history, reflecting the evolution of Worthing FC’s stadium over the years. The club initially played at People’s Party, which later became Homefield Park before relocating to Beach House in 1889. Two years later, they transitioned to the Sports Ground, which eventually adopted the name Woodside Road. This sports ground, part of West Tarring and not yet within the borough of Worthing, housed a pavilion that gave its name to the nearby Pavilion Road. The land, generously donated by Mr. Brazier, witnessed the transformation of a tennis court into the Worthing Pavilion Bowls Club after the majority of the Pavilion Road Sports Ground closed in 1937. Renowned for its community spirit, Woodside Road has undergone various developments, including the installation of floodlights in 1977 and an artificial pitch in 2015.

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Where can I buy tickets for Worthing FC matches?

To purchase tickets for Worthing FC matches, visit the club’s official website. It offers a seamless ticket-buying experience, providing all the necessary details on pricing and where to buy. Alternatively, tickets are available for purchase on the turnstile.

How can I reach Woodside Road by public transportation?

If you opt for public transportation, Worthing Railway Station and West Worthing Railway Station are the most convenient options. Both stations are within a short ten-minute walk from the stadium. Additionally, bus route number 10 stops near Woodside Road, offering an alternative mode of transport.

Is there parking available near Woodside Road?

While parking at the stadium itself is limited and reserved for specific individuals, you can find public parking options nearby. The Queen Street Car Park, located behind the church, provides around 80 parking spaces. Please be mindful of parking regulations and charges when parking on surrounding streets.

Are there nearby pubs and bars to visit after Worthing FC matches?

Yes, there are several pubs and bars near Woodside Road where you can continue to enjoy the football atmosphere. These establishments serve as fantastic meeting points for fans, allowing you to engage in post-match conversations and celebrate the team’s performance.


Woodside Road, the home ground of Worthing FC, encapsulates the essence of football’s rich history. From its origins as the Pavilion Road Sports Ground in 1892 to its development into the iconic stadium we know today, Woodside Road has witnessed the passion and dedication of both the club and its fans. Despite competing in the lower leagues, Worthing FC has experienced triumphs, showcasing their resilience and love for the game. Whether you’re a die-hard football enthusiast or simply curious about the unique stories behind football grounds, Woodside Road is a must-visit destination. Immerse yourself in the electric atmosphere, witness the team’s commitment firsthand, and be a part of the Worthing FC community. Visit the official club website to secure your tickets and prepare for an unforgettable football experience.