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10 Best Australian Soccer Players of All Time

Australia may not be known as a powerhouse of world soccer, but individually, they have produced some superb soccer players. Many of the truly great Australian soccer players have moved abroad to play their league soccer, making them well-known names in the soccer world.

10. Tony Vidmar

Tony Vidmar

  • Position: Left-Back

Tony Vidmar had a successful career as a defender, playing for clubs in Holland, Scotland, England, and Wales. His time at Rangers, in particular, was especially successful, winning multiple trophies and becoming a fan favorite. Vidmar retired in 2008 after a career that spanned almost twenty years.

9. Johnny Warren

Johnny Warren

  • Position: Midfielder

Johnny Warren, also known as Captain Socceroo, played his entire career in Australia. He was a key advocate for soccer in his homeland and played a significant role in the development of the sport. Many excellent players have emerged from Australia due to Warren’s passionate work.

8. Lucas Neill

Lucas Neill

  • Position: Centre-Back

Lucas Neill is considered one of Australia’s best central defenders. He had a successful career in England, playing for teams such as Millwall, Blackburn Rovers, and West Ham United. Neill also captained the Australian national team a record 61 times.

7. Mark Bresciano

Mark Bresciano

  • Position: Central Midfield

Mark Bresciano chose to play in Italy instead of England and had an outstanding career in one of the toughest leagues in soccer. He represented Australia in multiple World Cup Finals and AFC Asian Cups, making him one of the most successful Australian soccer players.

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6. Brett Emerton

Brett Emerton

  • Position: Right Midfielder

Brett Emerton was a versatile player, capable of playing on the entire right side of the pitch. His speed, tackling ability, passing, and crossing made him stand out. Emerton played for Sydney Olympic, Feyenoord, and Blackburn Rovers, becoming a fan favorite at Blackburn.

5. Mile Jedinak

Mile Jedinak

  • Position: Defensive Midfielder

Mile Jedinak was a defensive midfielder known for his leadership and determination. After playing in Australia, he moved to Crystal Palace in England and became one of the most effective midfielders in Europe. He played a crucial role in helping Crystal Palace achieve promotion to the Premier League.

4. Mark Schwarzer

Mark Schwarzer

  • Position: Goalkeeper

Mark Schwarzer is one of Australia’s most successful goalkeepers of all time. With a career spanning 26 years, he played for several clubs, including Middlesbrough and Fulham. Schwarzer also holds the record for the most international caps for Australia, with 109 appearances.

3. Tim Cahill

Tim Cahill

  • Position: Attacking Midfielder

Tim Cahill is Australia’s greatest international goalscorer, with 50 goals in 108 appearances. He played in the Premier League for Milwall and Everton, becoming one of the best midfielders in the league. Cahill’s work ethic and determination made him a much-loved player among fans.

2. Mark Viduka

Mark Viduka

  • Position: Striker

Mark Viduka is one of the most prolific strikers in Australian history. He had a powerful shot and was known for his physicality and ability to score goals. Viduka played for various clubs, including Melbourne Knights, Celtic, and Leeds United. He retired with an impressive record of 251 goals in 491 league appearances.

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1. Harry Kewell

Harry Kewell

  • Position: Left Winger

Harry Kewell is widely regarded as Australia’s greatest soccer player. Despite his career being affected by injuries, Kewell showcased unmatched talent with a soccer ball. He played for prestigious clubs such as Leeds, Liverpool, and Galatasaray. Kewell’s skill and ability made him a standout player in every team he represented.


Q: Who is the greatest Australian soccer player of all time?
A: Harry Kewell is widely considered the greatest Australian soccer player due to his exceptional talent and performances for clubs like Leeds, Liverpool, and Galatasaray.

Q: Which Australian soccer player has the most international goals?
A: Tim Cahill is the all-time leading goalscorer for the Australian national team with 50 goals in 108 appearances.

Q: Did any Australian soccer players have successful careers in Europe?
A: Yes, many Australian soccer players, such as Mark Viduka and Mark Schwarzer, had successful careers in Europe, playing for renowned clubs and achieving remarkable feats.

Q: Who is the most capped Australian soccer player?
A: Mark Schwarzer holds the record for the most international caps for Australia, with 109 appearances as a goalkeeper.


Australia has produced a remarkable lineup of talented soccer players who have made their mark both domestically and internationally. Their skills, dedication, and achievements have elevated Australian soccer on the global stage. These players have left a lasting legacy and continue to inspire future generations of Australian soccer stars. To learn more about the world of soccer and stay updated on the latest news, visit Movin993.

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