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10 Soccer Skills You Should Master

Technical skill is the key differentiator that sets apart the best soccer players in the world. It’s easy to be in awe of players like Lionel Messi and Neymar, who can effortlessly execute mind-boggling tricks on the field. But here’s a secret: many soccer skills are not as complicated as they seem. Even amateur players can learn and master them with practice and dedication.

At Movin993, we have explored various soccer skills in our skills series, from the basic stepover to the more advanced rainbow kick. We have delved into the history, origins, and step-by-step guides for each technique. Now, it’s time to round things up and present you with 10 key soccer skills that you should learn.

#1. The Stepover

The stepover is a simple yet highly effective dribbling move. It involves shifting your body in one direction, circling your kicking foot around the ball, and quickly tapping it in the opposite direction. This feint confuses the defender and allows you to burst past them. It’s a classic skill for attackers who rely on dribbling to beat their opponents.

#2. The Cruyff Turn

Named after the legendary Johan Cruyff, the Cruyff Turn is a dummy move that involves shaping up to pass or shoot, but instead dragging the ball behind your standing leg with the instep. As you do this, you turn your shoulders and dribble away into the open space, leaving the defender bewildered. This skill can create openings in attacking situations.

#3. The Nutmeg

The nutmeg is an iconic skill that involves passing the ball through the opponent’s legs and quickly running around them to regain possession. It’s visually impressive and can be embarrassing for the defender. Timing is crucial for pulling off a successful nutmeg, as you need to catch the defender off guard.

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#4. La Croqueta

La croqueta is a skill popularized by the legendary Andres Iniesta. It involves shifting the ball quickly from one foot to the other, creating space and eluding the defender. Agility, speed, and perfect timing are essential for executing this technique effectively. Practice is key to mastering la croqueta.

#5. The Trivela

The trivela is a shot or cross taken with the outside of the foot, rather than the usual instep technique. This technique allows you to bend or curve the ball, making it difficult for defenders to anticipate its trajectory. Perfecting the trivela requires power, accuracy, and mastering the specific techniques involved.

#6. The Maradona Turn

The Maradona Turn is a dribbling skill that involves pirouetting over the ball while shielding it and performing a 360-degree spin. This close control move helps players escape tight spots on the field. It requires players to stay close to the ball and maintain a low center of gravity.

#7. The Elastico

The Elastico, also known as a “flip-flap” or “akka,” is a skill associated with flair players like Ronaldinho and Neymar. It involves luring defenders into a trap, feinting one way, and then quickly moving the ball in another direction. Precise footwork and acceleration are the key components for successfully executing the Elastico.

#8. The Rabona

The rabona is a flashy skill that involves wrapping your kicking leg around your standing leg to strike the ball. It is often used to maneuver the ball onto your stronger foot or to show off creativity on the field. While it may be considered showboating, it can be effective when executed skillfully.

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#9. The Rainbow Kick

The rainbow kick, also known as the rainbow flick, is an advanced skill that involves rolling the ball up your standing leg with one foot and flicking it over the head of the defender with your standing leg. This trick requires quick and fluid motion, as well as precision and timing.

#10. The Bicycle Kick

The bicycle kick is the most acrobatic skill on this list. It involves propelling your body backward in mid-air with your back to the goal and striking the ball with your legs. This skill can make up for an imperfect cross and create spectacular goals. It requires significant skill, practice, and timing to execute successfully.

These 10 soccer skills cover a wide range of techniques, from basic to advanced. By learning and mastering them, you can elevate your game and increase your chances of success on the field. So, don’t hesitate to practice and incorporate these skills into your game. Your dedication and hard work will pay off as you become a more skilled and versatile player.


Q: How can I learn these soccer skills?
A: Learning these soccer skills requires dedicated practice. Start by understanding the techniques involved and breaking them down into manageable steps. Then, practice each skill repeatedly, focusing on precision and execution. Watching tutorial videos and seeking guidance from experienced players or coaches can also be helpful.

Q: Are these skills suitable for players of all levels?
A: Yes, these skills can be learned and applied by players of all levels. While some skills may require more practice and natural ability, anyone can improve their technique and incorporate these skills into their game. Remember that consistency and repetition are key to mastering these techniques.

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Q: How long does it take to master these skills?
A: The time it takes to master these skills varies for each individual. It depends on factors such as natural ability, dedication to practice, and the level of commitment. Some players may grasp the techniques quickly, while others may need more time. Consistent practice and a focus on proper execution will accelerate the learning process.

Q: Can these skills be used in a match situation?
A: Absolutely! These skills have been successfully used by professional players in real match situations. However, it’s important to remember that timing and execution are crucial. Practice in game-like scenarios and develop a good understanding of when to apply these skills during a match to make the most impact.


Mastering soccer skills is a journey that requires dedication, practice, and a love for the game. In this article, we have explored 10 key soccer skills that every player should learn. From the stepover to the bicycle kick, each skill offers a unique advantage on the field. By incorporating these techniques into your training and gameplay, you can elevate your performance and become a more versatile and skilled player.

So, what are you waiting for? Start practicing and embrace the joy of mastering these soccer skills. The more you hone your technique, the more confident and successful you’ll become on the field. And don’t forget to visit Movin993 for more expert insights and tips on the beautiful game of soccer. Let’s kick it up a notch together!