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15 Best Soccer Goalkeepers of All Time

Soccer Goalkeeper

Quality goalkeeping in soccer can make all the difference in the world. Teams are always looking to have the best goalkeepers to rely on every time they step on the pitch. As the last line of defense, goalkeepers play a crucial role in their teams’ success. Here, we present the 15 best soccer goalkeepers of all time.

15. Keylor Navas

Keylor Navas

Average Conceded Goals Per Game: 0.98

Starting with Real Madrid, Keylor Navas faced challenges in finding consistent playing time. However, since joining Paris St. Germain, he has shined on the biggest stages. With outstanding reflexes, this Costa Rican native continues to impress even in his mid-30s.

14. David de Gea

David de Gea

Average Conceded Goals Per Game: 1.09

David de Gea has enjoyed a highly productive career, although some fans feel he falls short of expectations. Playing for Manchester United and the Spanish national team comes with intense scrutiny. However, de Gea’s contributions to significant victories outweigh any occasional setbacks.

13. Oliver Kahn

Oliver Kahn

Average Conceded Goals Per Game: 1.01

Oliver Kahn is fondly remembered by German soccer fans for his consistent play. With 780 club matches and 86 caps for Germany, Kahn’s list of accomplishments is impressive. He accumulated numerous league titles, domestic cups, and even won the Golden Ball in the 2002 World Cup. Kahn led by example with his unwavering effort in every match.

12. Hugo Lloris

Hugo Lloris

Average Conceded Goals Per Game: 1.07

Hugo Lloris has had a highly successful career, particularly with Tottenham Hotspur. His contributions have enabled the team to compete at a high level. As Lloris’ contract approaches its end, it remains to be seen if he will continue with Tottenham or move on. Regardless, his solid play and expertise are in high demand.

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11. Alisson


Average Conceded Goals Per Game: 0.93

Since joining Liverpool, Alisson has elevated the team’s performance to new heights. Despite a few injuries, he has proven to be a reliable goalkeeper and leader. Regarded as one of Brazil’s best goalkeepers, Alisson still has many years of exceptional play ahead.

10. David Seaman

Average Conceded Goals Per Game: 0.93

David Seaman may not have the most caps for England, but many consider him one of the country’s greatest goalkeepers. Playing for Arsenal, Seaman’s tall and lanky stature, combined with incredible reflexes, made him a formidable presence in goal. He consistently kept Arsenal competitive even against stronger opponents.

9. Victor Valdes

Victor Valdes

Average Conceded Goals Per Game: 0.86

Victor Valdes stands among Barcelona’s quality goalkeepers throughout the years. While not always consistent, Valdes showcased his exceptional skills during his decade-long dominance with the club. Opponents struggled to find the back of the net when he was in top form.

8. Jan Oblak

Jan Oblak

Average Conceded Goals Per Game: 0.78

Jan Oblak is often regarded as the best goalkeeper in the world today. Whether playing for Atletico Madrid or Slovenia, he displays remarkable patience and decision-making skills. Oblak’s ability to read plays frustrates opponents, making him a highly sought-after player.

How high will Oblak climb on this list? Since most goalkeepers reach their prime in their 30s, his potential seems limitless. Teams will eagerly vie for his services, despite Atletico Madrid’s desire to retain him.

7. Manuel Neuer

Manuel Neuer

Average Conceded Goals Per Game: 0.83

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As the main goalkeeper for one of the world’s best club teams, Manuel Neuer must maintain a high level of performance. Even in his mid-30s, he demonstrates exceptional defensive skills and plays with aggression. Neuer has solidified his spot on the top 15 list, and his legacy continues to grow.

6. Petr Cech

Petr Cech

Average Conceded Goals Per Game: 0.89

Petr Cech is widely regarded as the greatest goalkeeper in Premier League history. His consistency and influence on the defense kept him playing in a major league for an extended period. Cech’s leadership extended beyond his club contributions, making him an asset for the Czech Republic’s national team. He is remembered for more than just wearing a helmet; his impact on the game was remarkable.

5. Edwin Van Der Sar

Edwin Van Der Sar

Average Conceded Goals Per Game: 0.88

Edwin Van Der Sar’s career began in his home country, playing for Ajax before his transfer to Juventus, Fulham, and Manchester United. He amassed over 600 senior career matches and 130 appearances with the Netherlands. Van Der Sar’s consistency in the net contributed to 26 major trophies, making him an invaluable team player.

4. Peter Schmeichel

Average Conceded Goals Per Game: 0.93

Peter Schmeichel dominated as Manchester United’s goalkeeper in the 1990s. He led the team to significant success and even scored a few goals himself. Known for his unparalleled competitiveness, Schmeichel wasn’t afraid to push his teammates to match his intensity. Although Denmark’s national team struggled, Schmeichel’s skills were undeniable.

3. Lev Yashin

Average Conceded Goals Per Game: 0.97

Lev Yashin’s career spanned the 1950s and 1960s, during which he showcased his remarkable shot-stopping abilities. Considered one of the best goalkeepers of all time, some were surprised by his success. Yashin was ahead of his time, revolutionizing the game with his athleticism and positioning. His acrobatics made for unforgettable highlights, with players still studying his techniques today.

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2. Iker Casillas

Iker Casillas

Average Conceded Goals Per Game: 0.98

Iker Casillas retired as one of the greatest goalkeepers in the history of the game. With exceptional athleticism and unmatched shot-stopping skills, he elevated his teams to higher levels. Whether playing for Real Madrid or Spain, Casillas consistently delivered crucial saves. His ability to succeed at every level cemented his legacy in the hearts of fans worldwide.

1. Buffon


Average Conceded Goals Per Game: 0.83

Over the years, no goalkeeper has been more productive than Buffon. With a successful club soccer career primarily in Italy, Buffon also excelled on the international stage. Possessing exceptional instincts and remarkable speed, he fearlessly leaves his line to make critical plays. Even in his 40s, Buffon continues to be a force to be reckoned with, inspiring fear in opponents and leading his team to victory.


Q: Who is the best soccer goalkeeper of all time?

A: Determining the best goalkeeper of all time is subjective, as it depends on personal opinions. However, the goalkeepers listed in this article are widely regarded as the best due to their achievements and contributions to their teams.

Q: Are there any current goalkeepers who could make this list in the future?

A: Absolutely! The goalkeeper position requires experience and maturity, often reaching their prime in their 30s. As such, there are many talented young goalkeepers who have the potential to be included in this list in the future.