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Why Shouting ‘Mine’ in Soccer Could Impact Your Game

Soccer Field

From an early age, effective communication on the soccer field is essential for creating a winning team. While there are various ways to communicate with your teammates, there is one phrase that should be avoided: shouting ‘mine’ when receiving the ball. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why saying ‘mine’ can have negative consequences and provide alternative strategies for clearer communication on the field.

It Goes Against the Rules

Soccer Field

FIFA has banned the use of phrases like ‘mine’ or ‘leave’ as a form of gamesmanship or distraction on the field. The intention behind this rule is to prevent players from gaining an unfair advantage by verbally distracting their opponents during play. Referees are authorized to caution players who deliberately attempt to distract their opponents. Violating this rule can result in receiving yellow or red cards, depending on the severity of the offense.

While the rules of the game do not explicitly state that saying ‘mine’ is prohibited, the regulations clearly address the use of distraction tactics. Typically, when a player commits a foul of this nature, an indirect free-kick is awarded, preventing the player from taking a shot or scoring a goal.

The debate between gamesmanship and cheating remains ongoing. Some argue that light-hearted distraction and time-wasting are part of the game’s appeal, while others believe it should be completely outlawed to preserve fair play. Striking a balance that prioritizes safety without stifling the game’s spirit is crucial.

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The Importance of Safety

While poor communication on the soccer field may lead to minor misfortunes, such as defensive mistakes resulting in goals for the opposition, there can be more dangerous consequences when players are unable to communicate effectively. Shouting ‘mine’ instead of their own names during a contested ball situation can create problems, especially for younger players.

Inexperienced players may become fixated on the ball and fail to properly communicate with their teammates, causing collisions and potentially severe injuries like concussions. This risk is heightened during slide tackles. Though rare, these incidents can occur if players are not taught proper communication techniques from a young age.

If you notice your child’s team or your own team not using the correct terms when challenging for possession, it is essential to raise the issue with the team coach or manager. Addressing the problem early on ensures that players are well-prepared to communicate effectively and minimize the risk of injury.

Clarity is Key

When passing or receiving the ball, clarity is paramount. Being loud and confident in claiming possession instills confidence in both yourself and your teammates. Shouting ‘mine’ might seem like a way to assert yourself, but it can lead to confusion.

Anyone on the field could potentially shout ‘mine,’ causing uncertainty within your team. Additionally, opposing players might use this tactic to steal the ball. To avoid these situations, it’s best to clearly shout your surname when claiming the ball. For example, shouting ‘Smith’s!’ distinguishes your claim and reduces the chances of confusion.

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Using surnames rather than forenames is recommended because multiple players on the team may share the same forename, while sharing the same surname is less likely. However, if two players on your team have the same surname, you may need to devise an alternative identification system.

To overcome old habits and ensure effective communication, it’s crucial to practice the new words or phrases during training sessions. Familiarizing teammates with each other’s names and voices will make communication easier during matches.


Q: Can I ever say ‘mine’ during a game?

A: In general, you should avoid saying ‘mine’ on the soccer field to prevent distraction and confusion among teammates. Instead, use clear communication techniques like shouting your surname to claim the ball.

Q: What happens if a player deliberately tries to distract an opponent?

A: Players who deliberately try to distract opponents can be cautioned by the referee, potentially receiving yellow or red cards depending on the severity of their actions.

Q: Why is clear communication important in soccer?

A: Clear communication is vital in soccer to ensure effective teamwork, minimize confusion, and prevent accidents or injuries caused by miscommunication.


Understanding the impact of shouting ‘mine’ in soccer is crucial for players of all skill levels. While it may seem harmless, it can distract opponents, go against the rules, and even pose safety risks. By adopting clear communication strategies, such as using surnames to claim the ball, players can enhance their teamwork and overall performance on the field. So, next time you participate in soccer training, observe your teammates’ communication and discuss any concerns with your coach.

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