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7 Best Liverpool FC Midfielders of All Time

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Liverpool FC, one of the most renowned and successful teams in soccer history, has been home to some of the greatest talents the world has ever seen. Today, we’ll delve into the midfield and explore the 7 Best Liverpool Midfielders of All Time. Stay with us to see who made the cut.

7. Jordan Henderson

Jordan Henderson

Just a few seasons ago, it seemed unimaginable to include one of the current batch of Liverpool players on such a prestigious list. However, Jurgen Klopp’s transformation of the team has been nothing short of remarkable, with Jordan Henderson leading the charge.

Henderson’s journey at Liverpool began in 2011, after a successful youth career with Sunderland. Despite initial doubts about his ability to captain such a great club, Henderson has proven himself indispensable with his calmness on the ball and ability to control the midfield. His exceptional passing and leadership make him an invaluable asset to both club and country.

6. Steve McManaman

![Steve McManaman](Embed from Getty Images)

Steve McManaman, a versatile attacking player, secures the 6th spot on our list. Known for his skill on the ball, pace, and control, McManaman played as a central attacking midfielder, winger, and central midfielder during his time at Liverpool.

A product of Liverpool’s youth academy, McManaman made over 250 appearances for the club, scoring 46 goals. Although he didn’t amass as many trophies as others on this list, he was undoubtedly one of the most technically gifted players. In 1999, he made a successful move to Real Madrid, winning multiple La Liga and UEFA Champions League titles.

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5. Ian Callaghan

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In 5th place, we have Ian Callaghan, a player who shone under the guidance of Liverpool’s greatest ever manager, Bill Shankly. Callaghan’s Liverpool career spanned from 1959 to 1978, during which he became the club’s highest-ever appearance maker—a record he still holds today.

Callaghan played a vital role in Liverpool’s return to the First Division and subsequent period of success under Shankly’s leadership. With 49 goals to his name, Callaghan was the cornerstone of one of English soccer’s greatest sides. His legacy is cherished not only at Liverpool but also at Swansea City, where he later played.

4. John Barnes

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John Barnes, an explosive winger, takes the 4th spot on our list. Starting his career at Watford FC, Barnes joined Liverpool in 1987 after six successful years with his former club.

Blessed with both power and pace, Barnes made over 300 appearances for Liverpool, scoring 84 goals. His tremendous contribution to the team earned him a place among the league’s most dangerous players. Barnes also made appearances for Newcastle United and Charlton Athletic before retiring in 1999. Additionally, he is remembered for his legendary rap on New Order’s iconic track, “World In Motion.”

3. Xabi Alonso

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Famous Spaniard Xabi Alonso claims the 3rd spot as a central midfielder. After joining Liverpool from Real Sociedad in 2004, Alonso formed a formidable partnership with Steven Gerrard and played a vital role in the club’s UEFA Champions League triumph in 2005.

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Known for his remarkable passing range and defensive abilities, Alonso made nearly 150 appearances for Liverpool, registering 15 goals. Despite a relatively short stay, his impact was immense. Following his time at Liverpool, Alonso joined Real Madrid and became a key figure in their midfield, countering the talented Spanish core of Barcelona.

2. Graeme Souness

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Graeme Souness, who stands in 2nd place, is one of the greatest Liverpool midfielders of all time. Although younger fans may recognize him more as a pundit, Souness was an exceptional player during his time at Liverpool.

Souness, who eventually became the team captain, played 247 matches for Liverpool, scoring 38 goals. Alongside fellow stars Kenny Dalglish and Alan Hansen, he formed part of what is arguably the best Liverpool team ever assembled. Souness’s fierce personality and strong opinions led him to pursue a managerial career after retirement, even taking charge at Anfield for three years.

1. Steven Gerrard

Steven Gerrard

The number one spot belongs to none other than the legendary Steven Gerrard, Liverpool’s best midfielder of all time. Gerrard, a loyal servant to the club for 17 years, made over 500 appearances and scored 120 goals. His ability to strike the ball from long distances is the stuff of legend.

Gerrard, along with Xabi Alonso, formed a formidable central midfield partnership that propelled Liverpool to victory in the UEFA Champions League and various other triumphs. While he never won the Premier League title, his impact on the team and the sport is immeasurable. Since retiring, Gerrard has embarked on a successful management career, currently leading Aston Villa.

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  1. Who is the best Liverpool midfielder of all time?

    • Steven Gerrard is widely hailed as the best Liverpool midfielder of all time.
  2. How many goals did Steven Gerrard score for Liverpool?

    • Gerrard scored 120 goals during his time at Liverpool.
  3. What made Jordan Henderson stand out as a Liverpool midfielder?

    • Henderson’s calmness on the ball, exceptional passing ability, and leadership qualities distinguish him as a standout Liverpool midfielder.


Liverpool FC has been home to an array of remarkable midfielders throughout its history. From Jordan Henderson’s steady presence to the technical brilliance of Steve McManaman, the club has seen it all. The likes of Ian Callaghan, John Barnes, Xabi Alonso, Graeme Souness, and Steven Gerrard have left an indelible mark on Liverpool and the sport as a whole. Their contributions have solidified their place as the 7 Best Liverpool Midfielders of All Time.