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7 Best Podcasts About Arsenal FC

Arsenal FC Podcasts

Arsenal FC, the renowned soccer team based in North London, has a massive fan base worldwide. With such a dedicated following, fans are always on the lookout for ways to stay informed and engaged with their beloved team. One of the best ways to do this is through podcasts. Today, we’ll introduce you to our top seven Arsenal FC podcasts.

7. Pain in the Arsenal Podcast

Pain in the Arsenal Podcast

At the top of our list is Pain in the Arsenal Podcast, born out of a successful website dedicated to all things Arsenal. This podcast offers in-depth discussions about the club and its happenings. Although it is no longer active, it’s still worth a listen for a trip down memory lane. The website accompanying the podcast is also highly informative.

6. The Arsenal Opinion

The Arsenal Opinion

For Arsenal fans in the United States, The Arsenal Opinion podcast is a must-listen. Hosted by three passionate Arsenal fans, Pedro, Matt, and Johnny, this show provides fan reactions, opinions, and even strategic analysis. With two episodes per week, you can stay up to date with the latest Arsenal news, insights, and get a fresh perspective on the club.

5. Up Gunners NG

Up Gunners NG

Arsenal enjoys strong support from the African community, particularly in Nigeria. Up Gunners NG is a podcast that caters to this passionate fanbase. Although not as regular as others on this list, the hosts deliver an excellent show. Based in Lagos, Nigeria’s capital, this podcast is the perfect place for African Arsenal fans to get their fix.

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4. A Bergkamp Wonderland

A Bergkamp Wonderland

Named after the legendary Dutch player Dennis Bergkamp, A Bergkamp Wonderland has been running since 2013. With various hosts over the years, this podcast offers a range of perspectives for listeners to enjoy. It has gained over 4 million listens and is highly popular among Arsenal fans. The end-of-season award shows, where fans vote on Arsenal-related topics, are particularly exciting.

3. Arsenal Vision Post Match Podcast

Arsenal Vision Post Match Podcast

A slightly different podcast on this list, Arsenal Vision Post Match Podcast focuses on post-match analysis and reflection. It offers a more serious tone than other podcasts but remains insightful and fun. Episodes are released approximately two days after a match or important club event. If you want a deeper dive into the analysis of Arsenal games, this podcast is worth checking out.

2. Same Old Arsenal Podcast

Same Old Arsenal Podcast

Hosted by Craig and Amanda, Same Old Arsenal Podcast is a popular choice for Arsenal fans worldwide. In addition to match previews, reviews, and the latest news, this podcast occasionally covers general soccer topics, adding a fresh perspective. The episode titled ‘The Ultimate Premier League 11’ is a personal favorite, where the panel selects the best players for their ultimate side.

1. Arseblog Arsecast

Arseblog Arsecast

Arseblog Arsecast, associated with the largest Arsenal blog globally, is a highly regarded podcast. Releasing twice a week, this podcast covers all things Arsenal men’s team and has a sister podcast, Arsenal Women Arsecast, dedicated to the women’s side of the sport. The professionalism in each episode’s production sets it apart from others. Once you start listening, you’ll quickly become addicted.

Now that you’re aware of the top seven Arsenal podcasts available, why not give them all a try and discover your favorite?

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1. Are these podcasts available for free?

Yes, all the mentioned podcasts are free to listen to.

2. Can I access these podcasts outside the United States?

Absolutely! These podcasts are accessible worldwide, allowing Arsenal fans from any location to stay connected.

3. Are there any other Arsenal podcasts worth checking out?

While the above list covers some of the best podcasts, there are many other Arsenal-related podcasts available. Exploring different podcasts can provide a diverse range of opinions and perspectives.


Podcasts have become an increasingly popular way for Arsenal fans to stay informed and engaged with their favorite team. Whether you’re looking for in-depth discussions, fan reactions, post-match analysis, or general insights, these seven podcasts offer a range of options to suit your preferences. Tune in, enjoy, and let your passion for Arsenal thrive through these fantastic podcasts. For more information and updates on Arsenal, visit Movin993.