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The Best Soccer Teams with Black Jerseys

Olympiakos Black Jerseys

The color black may be more associated with referees and officials, but there are several soccer teams that incorporate black into their jersey designs. In this article, we’ll be counting down the top 7 soccer teams with black jerseys. Whether it’s the iconic black and white stripes or a sleek black template, these teams stand out on the field.

7. Orlando Pirates

Orlando Pirates Logo

Let’s start with the South African-based club, Orlando Pirates. Known for their all-black logo and jerseys adorned with the infamous skull and crossbones, the Pirates have a rich history. Founded in 1937, the team has enjoyed great success in South African soccer, winning the league title nine times and the African Champions League once. While they faced some challenges in recent years, the current season is looking promising for the Pirates as they sit in 2nd place in the South African Premier League.

6. Grimsby Town

Grimsby Town

Grimsby Town, an English team famous for their black and white stripes, recently regained their spot in the English Football League after a successful promotion campaign. Despite their name, the team plays their home matches in Cleethorpes at Blundell Park Stadium. Grimsby Town has started their EFL journey strong, currently sitting in 9th place in League Two after seven matches.

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5. New Zealand National Team

New Zealand National Team

The New Zealand National Team is easily recognizable in their black jerseys. While rugby is the country’s most famous sport, the soccer team has made strides in recent years. Although they couldn’t secure a spot in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, New Zealand had a strong qualifying campaign and showcased their talent. FIFA rules prohibit them from using black as their home jerseys due to clashes with referees’ jerseys, but the black away jerseys are a symbol of national pride.

4. Notts County

Notts County

Notts County, the oldest English Football League team, proudly sports black and white stripes. With a rich history and a devoted fanbase, the team has endured some recent difficulties, currently finding themselves outside of the Football League. However, Notts County boasts an impressive trophy cabinet, including the 1894 FA Cup. It’s widely believed that Italian giants Juventus drew inspiration from Notts County’s iconic stripes for their own jerseys.

3. St. Mirren

St. Mirren

St. Mirren, a Scottish club, is another team that proudly wears black and white stripes. Founded in 1877, St. Mirren has a place in Scottish soccer history. While they may not have won the league title, they have achieved success in domestic cup competitions. With a rich heritage and a loyal fanbase, St. Mirren continues to make their mark in the Scottish Premiership.

2. Newcastle United

Newcastle United

Newcastle United, one of the most famous black and white striped teams in England, holds a special place in the hearts of their passionate fans. Based in the Northeast of England, Newcastle United has experienced both triumphs and tribulations on and off the field. Recently, the club underwent a change in ownership and is now backed by the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund. With exciting signings and renewed hope, Newcastle United is determined to reach new heights.

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1. Juventus FC

Juventus FC

At the top of our list is the legendary Juventus FC. The Turin-based club, known as the Bianconeri, has a rich history of success in Italian soccer. Inspired by Notts County, Juventus adopted the iconic black and white striped jerseys when they were founded in 1897. With an impressive record of 36 Serie A titles, Juventus is unrivaled in Italian soccer history. The team has also achieved European glory, winning multiple UEFA Champions League titles and other prestigious competitions.


  • Which soccer team has the most Serie A titles?
    Juventus FC holds the record for the most Serie A titles, with 36 to their name.

  • Why do some teams wear black and white stripes?
    The tradition of wearing black and white stripes can be traced back to Notts County in England, who inspired iconic teams like Juventus.

  • Are black jerseys popular in soccer?
    While black jerseys may be less common than traditional colors, several teams have embraced the sleek and stylish look of black jerseys.


Soccer teams with black jerseys bring a unique and dynamic aesthetic to the field. From the iconic black and white stripes of Juventus and Notts County to the bold all-black jerseys of Orlando Pirates, these teams capture the attention of fans worldwide. Whether they represent national pride or have a rich historical legacy, these teams continue to make a powerful statement in the world of soccer. To stay updated with the latest from the world of soccer, visit Movin993.