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The Best Soccer Teams with White Jerseys

Cristiano Ronaldo

Soccer teams around the world have their unique identities and colors. While white may seem like a plain choice, teams that play in white often have some of the most striking and memorable jerseys.

Today, we’ll explore a selection of the best soccer teams with white jerseys. These teams have made a mark with their iconic white uniforms. Let’s dive in!

7. LA Galaxy

David Beckham LA Galaxy

First on our list is the Los Angeles Galaxy, one of the most famous MLS teams globally. The Galaxy has been playing in white since their founding in 1996 and has won the MLS Cup an impressive five times. The team gained fame in the mid-2000s through their star-studded lineup, including English legends David Beckham, Steven Gerrard, and Ashley Cole. Despite recent struggles, the Galaxy remains a prominent team in the MLS and stands out as the best US-based club with a white jersey.

6. Tranmere Rovers

Tranmere Rovers logo

Tranmere Rovers, a club in England’s Football League Two, takes the sixth spot on our list. The team has a rich history, donning the white jersey that has become their signature. Despite their lower league status, Tranmere Rovers has seen legendary players like Pat Nevin, John Aldridge, and Aaron Cresswell wear their white jersey. Their stadium, Prenton Park, is known for its English football charm and can host an impressive 16,567 spectators.

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5. Leeds United

Best Leeds United players

Leeds United, one of the most supported teams in England, proudly wears white as a symbol of their Yorkshire heritage. Inspired by the Yorkshire rose, a historic symbol of determination, Leeds United embraces the spirit of their region. After a tumultuous journey, they recently returned to the Premier League and have shown signs of stability under the guidance of coach Jesse March. With their rich history and talented players, Leeds United continues to compete in English football’s top tier.

4. Olympique Lyonnais

Olympique Lyon

Olympique Lyonnais, based in France’s Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, is the fourth team on our list. Lyon is renowned for its success in French soccer history, with seven consecutive Ligue 1 titles, five Coupe de France titles, and one Coupe de la Ligue. While recent seasons have been challenging, Lyon is currently aiming for a return to the UEFA Champions League. They remain one of France’s strongest teams and proudly wear their white jersey.

3. Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur logo

Tottenham Hotspur, one of England’s top clubs, showcases the power of white jerseys. Spurs have a long-standing tradition of playing in white since their establishment in 1882. Although they haven’t won as many league titles as some of their rivals, they have a rich history in the FA Cup, lifting the trophy eight times. The current squad, led by talented players, holds great promise for the future. Tottenham Hotspur fans can look forward to exciting times ahead as they aim for domestic and European success.

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2. England National Team

England National Team

Our second-place team brings us to the international stage—the England National Team. England has played in white since the inception of the sport, and their white jersey has become an iconic symbol. The fans rally behind the team during tournaments, hoping for success. While the team has faced disappointments in recent years, the current batch of young and talented players holds great promise. The nation eagerly awaits a triumph that can rival the historic victory of 1966. The future looks bright for the England National Team.

1. Real Madrid

Real Madrid

At the top of our list, we find the undeniable kings of white jerseys—Real Madrid. The most successful club in European soccer history, Real Madrid has embraced white since their formation in 1902. With 14 UEFA Champions League titles and a rich legacy of exceptional players, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldo Nazario, and Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid has made the white jersey their own. Currently holding the UEFA Champions League and La Liga titles, Real Madrid continues to dominate Spanish football. With their arch-rivals Barcelona facing challenges, Real Madrid enters a promising era of success.


Q: Are these the only soccer teams with white jerseys?
A: No, there are many other teams with white jerseys across the world. This list highlights some of the most notable ones.

Q: Which team has the most white jerseys?
A: Real Madrid is synonymous with white jerseys and has made them an iconic symbol of their success.

Q: Can I buy these teams’ jerseys?
A: Yes, you can find official jerseys of these teams on their respective websites or authorized retailers.

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White jerseys have a special place in soccer, and the teams mentioned here have exemplified the essence of sporting excellence while wearing them. From club teams like LA Galaxy and Tranmere Rovers to national teams like England, these teams have made their mark in the world of soccer. Real Madrid stands tall as the ultimate team with their legacy of success. Whether it’s the iconic white jersey or the achievements on the field, these teams have left an indelible mark on the beautiful game.