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Sixfields Stadium: Northampton Town

From the team’s formation in 1897 until 1994, Northampton Town played their home games at the County Ground, a stadium they shared with the town’s cricket club. However, in the mid-1990s, the club recognized the need for their own dedicated space. As a result, Sixfields Stadium was constructed in the Sixfields area of Northampton.

A Rich History and Notable Achievements

The Cobblers have had a storied past, with a major highlight being their record-breaking promotion from the bottom tier of English football to the top tier and back down again, all within just nine years. While it’s a remarkable feat, the club certainly aims for more accomplishments in the future.

Stadium Statistics

Year Opened: 1994
Capacity: 7,798
Average Attendance: 5,845
Record Attendance: 7,664 (Northampton vs. Luton in 2016)
Pitch Size: 106 x 65 (6,890 sq ft)
Owner: Northampton Town F.C.
Clubs Hosted: Northampton Town, Coventry City
First Fixture: Northampton Town vs. Barnet (October 15, 1994)

Sixfields Stadium: A Visual Tour

Sixfields Stadium

Seating Plan and Stand Description

The stadium has four stands, each serving a different purpose and offering a unique experience for fans. The Dave Bowen North Stand is situated behind one of the goals and is named after the club’s former player and manager. The East Stand is dedicated as the family section, providing a safe and welcoming environment for all. The South Stand is where away fans are situated, and the West Stand is the largest section, housing the club offices and a supporters bar.

Ticket Pricing and How to Get Them

Ticket prices at Sixfields Stadium are straightforward, with a fixed price for every seat. The cost may vary based on age and whether you book in advance. Booking in advance can save you £1.00. Here are the current prices:

  • Adults: £24.00
  • Concessions: £20.00
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Tickets can be purchased through various channels, including the club’s official website, over the phone, at the ticket office, and the club shop.

Getting to Sixfields Stadium


The Northampton Town Train Station is approximately two miles away from the stadium.


Numerous bus routes connect Northampton town center to the stadium, offering a convenient journey of about 20 minutes.


If you’re coming from the South, you can exit the M1 at Junction 15A and follow the A43 until you reach the ground. From the North, exit at Junction 16 and take the A45 until you spot the stadium.


For those traveling by air, London Luton Airport is about 34 miles away, and Birmingham International is just under 40 miles away.


If you prefer a taxi, it will take less than ten minutes and cost approximately £8 from the train station to the stadium.

Parking Near Sixfields Stadium

There are two car parks available at the stadium, charging a fee of about £5.

Sixfields Stadium Hotels

If you require accommodation before or after the match, here are some recommended options:

  • Hotel 1
  • Hotel 2
  • Hotel 3

Pubs and Bars Near Sixfields Stadium

While there might not be many options in close proximity to the ground, Northampton itself boasts a variety of charming pubs. Consider visiting one of the following establishments:

  • Pub 1
  • Pub 2
  • Pub 3

Facilities at Sixfields Stadium

Built in the mid-1990s, Sixfields Stadium has provided fans with a great matchday experience for over 30 years. While the stadium may show signs of aging, it still offers amenities such as food and beverage services. However, please note that even though the stands are covered, you may still get wet if it rains.

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Prices for Facilities:

  • Programme: £3.00
  • Pie: £3.30
  • Cup of tea: £2.20
  • Beer: £3.60

Hospitality Packages

For a premium matchday experience, consider the 1897 Suite. This package includes a delightful dining experience, seats in the West Stand, and the opportunity to witness the man of the match presentation. Additionally, the Cobblers Lounge offers premium seating, refreshments, a room host, and a matchday program.

Private Hire

The 1897 Suite is also available for event hire, making it an excellent venue for corporate events and functions.

Stadium Tours and Museum

While stadium tours are not regularly available, they can be arranged for special occasions or children’s groups. To inquire about organizing a tour, please contact the stadium directly.

About Northampton Town

Founded in 1897, Northampton Town Football Club emerged from discussions between the town’s schoolteachers and a solicitor who recognized the need for a local football club. The club has a longstanding rivalry with nearby Peterborough United and has also developed rivalries with Rushden & Diamonds and Oxford United in recent years.

Northampton Town has experienced a taste of top-flight football, with their only season in the top tier occurring in 1965-1966. Notably, George Best once scored a double hat-trick against the Cobblers during an FA Cup match against Manchester United in 1970.

Sixfields Stadium History and Future Developments

Sixfields Stadium is more than just a football ground—it also features an adjacent athletics area that regularly hosts athletic meets. The stadium was originally scheduled to open for the 1994-1995 season but faced delays, resulting in Northampton Town playing their opening games at the County Ground, their previous stadium.

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Over the years, there have been attempts to expand the stadium, including a 2003 proposal to double its capacity to around 15,000. Unfortunately, complications with the application halted this plan. The East Stand, which began redevelopment in 2014, faced financial challenges that delayed its completion until new owners acquired the club in 2016. As of now, the East Stand is still only partially finished.

Looking to the future, the continued development of the East Stand remains the most likely upcoming project. Progress has been slow, but as of 2023, plans are still underway, with the main obstacle being the legal questions surrounding the sale of certain land surrounding the stadium.


Q: Where can I buy tickets for Northampton Town matches?
A: Tickets can be purchased through various channels, including the club’s official website, over the phone, at the ticket office, and the club shop.

Q: What are the prices for Northampton Town tickets?
A: Ticket prices at Sixfields Stadium are straightforward, with a fixed price for every seat. Current prices are as follows:

  • Adults: £24.00
  • Concessions: £20.00

Q: What are the parking options near Sixfields Stadium?
A: There are two car parks available at the stadium, charging a fee of about £5.


As Northampton Town’s home ground, Sixfields Stadium offers a vibrant matchday experience and a rich history. Despite facing challenges and delays in its development, the stadium continues to evolve and improve. Whether you’re a devoted Cobblers fan or simply curious about this iconic venue, a visit to Sixfields Stadium is sure to offer an unforgettable football experience. For more information about Northampton Town and upcoming matches, visit Movin993.