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Differences Between SG & FG Soccer Cleats

Soccer Cleats

Soccer cleats are an essential part of the game, so it’s important to invest in the right pair. There are several options available, but one must consider both style and surface compatibility. Among the most common choices are SG and FG soccer cleats. Let’s explore the differences between the two and understand their specific functionalities.

Defining SG & FG Soccer Cleats

  • SG = Soft Ground
  • FG = Firm Ground

SG stands for soft ground soccer cleats, which are typically used on well-maintained soccer pitches worldwide. These cleats penetrate the ground more than their firm ground counterparts due to the softer surface. On the other hand, FG, or firm ground, soccer cleats are designed for natural grass fields with a harder base and drier conditions. The stud patterns and placement differ for each type to optimize performance.

What Do Most Players Use?

Soccer Game

Most casual players opt for FG soccer cleats, as they are suitable for amateur games. Maintaining a natural grass surface is usually easier and more cost-effective, making it the preferred choice. However, as players progress to higher levels, they may encounter more opportunities to play on soft ground. Professional teams and well-maintained college fields often require SG cleats. It’s advisable to start with FG cleats and transition to SG when necessary.

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The Advantages of FG Soccer Cleats

  • Works well on various surfaces
  • Usually more affordable

Since firm ground soccer fields are more common at the amateur level, FG cleats are the more versatile option. They perform adequately on firm ground, soft ground, and some artificial grass surfaces. Although softer ground may slightly disadvantage players wearing FG cleats, they generally perform well in most situations. FG cleats are widely available and competitively priced, providing shoppers with more options. Furthermore, their plastic construction makes them a safer choice, reducing the risk of injury compared to metal cleats.

The Advantages of SG Soccer Cleats

  • Enhanced traction
  • Ideal for wet and muddy fields

For frequent soccer players, investing in SG soccer cleats is beneficial. Aside from excelling on well-maintained fields, these cleats shine in wet and muddy conditions. The longer stud patterns on SG cleats provide superior traction, allowing players to be more aggressive with their movements. While they may be an additional expense, having a pair of SG cleats on hand can be advantageous. FG cleats are the primary choice, but SG cleats offer added value when needed.

Are There Any Differences In Durability & Weight?

SG and FG soccer cleats share similar designs, with the primary difference lying in the type of cleats used. The cleats on FG boots are typically made of plastic, while SG cleats feature metal studs, making them slightly heavier. However, the weight difference is minimal and hardly noticeable. FG cleats tend to last longer as they are not exposed to harsh elements. On the other hand, soft ground cleats may show signs of wear more quickly due to their usage in less ideal conditions. Other aspects, such as the shoe’s upper and hidden technologies, remain the same for both types.

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Are These Cleats Capable of Being Used on Turf & Indoor?

SG Soccer Cleats

It’s important to note that cleats should not be used on turf or indoor surfaces. Not only is it explicitly prohibited in many places, but it also poses a risk to players’ safety. Without ground penetration, injuries may occur due to slipping. Fortunately, there are specialized shoes designed for these surfaces, offering partial traction while resembling normal soccer cleats. These shoes have a less pronounced sole pattern compared to FG and SG cleats. For turf and indoor play, please refer to the following posts:

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Final Tips on Finding The Right Soccer Cleats

Figuring out the playing surface is just the initial step in purchasing the right soccer cleats. Other factors to consider include brand, color, fit, durability, and more. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by the choices, but shoppers usually find themselves gravitating toward a particular option while browsing. A reliable pair of soccer cleats can instill confidence, enabling players to move with agility and control on the field. Numerous brands offer options for players at different price points, ensuring accessibility for all levels. FG cleats are generally more affordable, but SG cleats are similarly priced. Ultimately, investing in a quality pair of cleats improves performance by enhancing speed and maneuverability.


Q: Can I use FG cleats on soft ground?

A: FG cleats are primarily designed for firm ground but can be used on soft ground to an extent. However, their performance may be slightly compromised compared to SG cleats specifically designed for such conditions.

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Q: Are SG cleats more expensive than FG cleats?

A: SG cleats are generally priced similarly to FG cleats within the same range. The price difference is negligible, allowing players to choose based on their specific playing needs.

Q: How do I determine the right size for soccer cleats?

A: Sizing can vary between brands, so it’s advisable to refer to the manufacturer’s size chart. Additionally, it’s recommended to try on the cleats before purchasing to ensure a proper fit.


Selecting the appropriate soccer cleats is crucial for optimal performance on the field. Understanding the differences between SG and FG cleats enables players to choose the best option for their playing surface. While FG cleats are versatile and affordable, SG cleats provide enhanced traction on wet and muddy fields. Remember to prioritize safety and avoid using cleats on turf or indoor surfaces. By investing in high-quality soccer cleats and considering individual preferences, players can elevate their game and enjoy improved maneuverability and speed. For comprehensive recommendations on turf and indoor play, refer to the specified posts. 🚀

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