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The Best Seats for a Soccer Game: A Guide for Fans


Soccer is more than just a game. It’s a global phenomenon that brings people together to witness the excitement and passion on the field. But where should you sit to get the best view and experience? Here’s a guide to help you find the perfect seats for a soccer game.

Picking the Best Seats

In Major League Soccer, games are often held in American football stadiums, which means there are more seats available. However, some seats may be far away or blocked off for soccer games. Here’s what you need to know about the different types of seats:

1. Field Level

Field-level seats are the closest to the action, whether you’re in a soccer or football stadium. These seats offer an immersive experience and often come with additional amenities like in-seat wait service or access to exclusive clubs. While they can be pricey, sideline and corner seats are more affordable options that still offer a close view of the game.

Behind-the-Scenes: VIP Access and Its Advantages

For those seeking a premium experience, VIP access provides excellent views and behind-the-scenes access. From player tunnels to press areas, you’ll get a backstage pass to the soccer extravaganza. VIP tickets often come with luxury amenities, exclusive entrances, and top-tier food and beverages.

2. Clubs and Suites

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Box seats or suites are high-value areas that offer protection from the elements, comfortable seating, and upscale amenities. They are usually located higher up in open-air stadiums, providing excellent views from various angles.

Ticket Packages: Seasonal Versus Single-Game Seats

Consider whether you want seasonal tickets or single-game seats. Season tickets guarantee you a spot for every home game at a discounted rate per game, while single-game seats offer flexibility in choosing which matches to attend.

3. Midfield Views

Midfield seats offer great views of the game, as all the action starts from midfield. While field-level midfield seats can be costly, higher rows or upper decks near midfield provide better overall views of the pitch, often at a more affordable price.

4. Corners

Seats at the corner of the pitch give you a decent view of the action, especially if you’re higher up. These seats offer a unique perspective on set pieces like corner kicks and penalty kicks, which can be some of the most exciting moments of the game.

Away Fans: Where Traveling Supporters Typically Sit

Away fans have dedicated seating areas that ensure safety and organization. These sections provide an atmosphere similar to home games, with familiar chants and camaraderie. They are usually located in corner sections or behind goals.

5. Supporter Sections

Supporter Sections are for fans who want an unrivaled soccer experience. These sections, usually located behind the goalie, feature steep stairs and rows to accommodate standing fans. Although there are no assigned seats, every ticket now comes with an assigned seat for safety.

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Historical Seats: Famous Spots and Their Backstories in Stadiums

Every stadium has seats with historic significance. If you’re interested, research the stadium’s history and see if you can end up in a spot where history was made.

Elevated Views: Benefits of Sitting in the Top Tiers

Sitting in the top tiers offers a unique vantage point, allowing you to see the entire pitch and observe strategic formations and player movements. These seats are often more affordable, have less crowd noise, and provide a wide-angle view of the game.

Weather Considerations

Soccer games can take place in various weather conditions, so it’s important to be prepared. Look for seats underneath the stadium’s overhangs for some cover. Additionally, check shade maps to see how the sun and shade move around the stadium during the time of the game.

Safety Concerns: Best Spots Considering Safety and Exits

Safety should always be a priority. Choose seats near exit points for quick evacuation if needed and familiarize yourself with the stadium layout. Stay updated with stadium safety guidelines and avoid overly crowded sections for a safe and enjoyable experience.


Q: Are field-level seats worth the price?
A: Field-level seats provide an immersive experience, close proximity to the action, and additional amenities. However, sideline and corner seats offer a similar view at a more affordable price.

Q: What are the advantages of sitting in the top tiers?
A: Sitting in the top tiers offers a wide-angle view of the entire game, making it easier to spot tactical nuances and strategic player movements. These seats are often more affordable and have less crowd noise.

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Attending a live soccer game is a thrilling experience for fans worldwide. Each section of the field offers unique pros and cons, so choose the seats that suit your preferences and budget. Remember to arrive early and enjoy every second of the game. Stay safe and have a fantastic time cheering for your favorite team!

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