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The Best MLS Kits of All Time

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Soccer in the United States may not have the same global following as other leagues, but it has steadily gained momentum since its inception. Throughout the years, the MLS has seen some incredible players donning unique and sometimes eccentric jerseys. Today, we’ll explore a selection of the best MLS kits of all time.

9. Atlanta United 2017 – Home Kit

Atlanta United 2017 Home Kit

Atlanta United is known for their safe and conservative kits, but the 2017 home kit stood out. The design, produced by Adidas, perfectly complemented the club’s crest and team colors. With its five stripes, the kit quickly became a favorite among fans. The addition of gold printing on the sleeve and sponsor added a touch of class. Atlanta United had a strong season, finishing 4th in the Eastern Conference and qualifying for the playoffs.

8. FC Dallas 1997 – Away Kit

FC Dallas 1997 Away Kit

The 1997 FC Dallas away kit, designed by Nike, took a bold and unconventional approach. Featuring squad numbers on the front of the jersey, over the primary sponsor, gave it a distinct motorsport-inspired look. The large black horse printed on the front added a grunge-inspired aesthetic. FC Dallas had a remarkable season, finishing 3rd in the Western Conference and making it to the Conference Final.

7. Montreal Impact 2016 – Home Kit

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The Montreal Impact’s 2016 primary kit showcased a simple yet stylish design. The black and blue stripes resembled those of famous European clubs, giving the team a sleek look. The Impact had an impressive season, finishing 5th in the Eastern Conference and making it to the Conference finals in the playoffs.

6. Kansas City 1996 – Away Kit

Kansas City 1996 Away Kit

The 1996 Kansas City away kit featured a vibrant blend of blue, red, white, and yellow in a unique wave pattern. This design remains unmatched in terms of its bold colors. The kit was worn by the beloved Vitalis ‘Digital’ Takawira, who became a fan favorite during his time with the Kansas City Wiz. The Wiz finished 3rd in the Western Conference and made it to the Conference Final in the playoffs.

5. Chicago Fire 2005 – Third Kit

Chicago Fire 2005 Third Kit

The Chicago Fire’s 2005 third kit stood out for its unique and local-inspired design. The sky-blue kit incorporated important landmarks of the greater Chicago area, such as Lake Michigan and the city flag. It captured the essence of the area while maintaining the iconic Fire look with the team’s crest.

4. Portland Timbers 2014 – Third Kit

Portland Timbers 2014 Third Kit

The Portland Timbers’ 2014 third kit paid homage to the team’s history. The green and yellow colorway resembled the kits worn by the Timbers 50 years prior. The addition of a collar and sleeve patches featuring an American flag added a touch of nostalgia. Although the Timbers narrowly missed out on the playoffs, finishing 6th in the Western Conference, their kit remained a fan favorite.

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3. LA Galaxy 2007 – Home Kit

LA Galaxy 2007 Home Kit

LA Galaxy, known for its star-studded roster, has had many iconic kits throughout the years. The 2007 primary kit, worn during their rebranding season, became instantly recognizable. The simple design gave the club a distinct identity, with the long-sleeved version being particularly sought after. LA Galaxy continues to attract top talent and has become one of the most successful MLS teams in history.

2. LAFC 2022 – Home Kit

LAFC 2022 Home Kit

LAFC, a rapidly developing franchise, unveiled their latest kit in 2022. Produced by Adidas, this kit stands out as one of the best designs for American soccer teams. The centralized badge, with its art-deco-inspired pattern, adds a touch of elegance. LAFC had an incredible season, winning the MLS Cup for the first time. The golden theme is carried throughout the kit, befitting the newly crowned champions.

1. Seattle Sounders 2014 – Away Kit

Seattle Sounders 2014 Away Kit

The Seattle Sounders’ away kits have always been iconic, thanks in part to their partnership with Microsoft and the Xbox sponsor. The 2014 away kit, with its black main body and green trim, became an instant fan favorite. It exuded a bold and stylish look. The Sounders had a fantastic season, finishing on top of the Western Conference and making it to the Conference Final in the playoffs.


Q: Are these the only remarkable MLS kits?
A: This list showcases some of the best MLS kits of all time, but there are many other remarkable designs throughout the league’s history.

Q: Where can I buy these kits?
A: You may find some of these kits in specialty stores or online marketplaces. Alternatively, check with the respective teams’ official merchandise stores.

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Q: Will there be new kits in the future?
A: Yes, MLS teams frequently release new kits each season, so keep an eye out for upcoming designs.


The MLS has seen its fair share of memorable kits over the years. From Atlanta United’s bold design to Seattle Sounders’ iconic away kit, each jersey tells a unique story. These kits not only represent the teams but also captivate fans with their style and creativity. As the league continues to grow, we can look forward to more stunning designs in the future. Visit Movin993 for more sports-related content.