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Allianz Riviera: The Home of OGC Nice

The Allianz Riviera is the state-of-the-art stadium that serves as the home ground for Olympique Gymnaste Club Nice Côte d’Azur, or OGC Nice. Since its opening in 2013, it has become a symbol of excellence and a beloved destination for football enthusiasts.

A Rich History

OGC Nice was founded in 1904 and has been a significant player in French football since its inception. The club’s focus on athletics and gymnastics is evident, even today, with the “OGC” in their name representing Olympique Gymnaste Club. Throughout their tenure in the French First Division, the club has showcased their passion and dedication to the sport.

The Allianz Riviera: A Modern Marvel

The Allianz Riviera was meticulously constructed to replace the club’s former stadium, the Stade Municipal du Ray. The groundbreaking inauguration took place in 2013, and there were initial concerns about completing the stadium on time. However, when France was awarded the hosting rights for the 2016 UEFA European Championships, the completion of the Allianz Riviera was ensured.

Impeccable Stats

The Allianz Riviera boasts impressive statistics that contribute to its status as a world-class venue. With a capacity of 36,178, an average attendance of 22,949, and a record attendance of 35,596 during the OGC Nice vs. Saint-Etienne match in 2016, the stadium continues to attract a passionate fanbase. The pitch measures 105 x 68 and has a former name, the Olympic Nice Stadium, representing its historical importance. The ownership belongs to the City of Nice, and the stadium enjoys sponsorship from Allianz.

A Visual Treat: Allianz Riviera Photos

Allianz Riviera

Exceptional Seating Plan and Spectator Experience

The Allianz Riviera adopts the modern and popular bowl-style design. Divided into four sections named Ray, Garibaldi, Populaire, and Segurane, each area offers an incredible view of the action on the pitch. The stadium features three tiers, which are separated by executive boxes and lounges. Moreover, there are dedicated areas for fans to enjoy refreshments while watching the game. The away fans’ section is located in the North-East corner, ensuring a vibrant and lively atmosphere.

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Ticket Prices and How to Obtain Them

Pricing for tickets at the Allianz Riviera varies based on the specific game and preferred seating location. While categorization exists, obtaining general information on ticket prices may require further inquiry. Tickets can be conveniently purchased online through the club’s official website or at their physical store in Nice. Additionally, the box office at the Allianz Riviera and remote sales outlets, including Carrefour, Leclerc, Fnac, Géant, and Auchan, provide alternative options. It’s important to note that tickets purchased through remote sales outlets are priced at full value.

Getting to the Allianz Riviera

The Allianz Riviera is situated approximately 10 km west of Nice’s city center. Various transportation options are available to ensure a smooth journey to and from the stadium.

  • Train: Travelers can take a train from London St. Pancras International to Paris, followed by a train to Gare de Nice-Ville. From there, a train to Saint-Augustin Station or a shuttle bus/train to Saint-Isodore Station provides convenient access to the stadium.
  • Bus: A special match day service, bus number 95, departs from Nice’s city center and reaches the stadium in under an hour. Alternatively, local buses numbered 9 and 10 serve the stadium but have longer travel times.
  • Car: The Allianz Riviera is easily accessible by car, located near a motorway and dual carriageway. Exit 52 on the A8 motorway leads to the stadium.
  • Air: Nice Côte d’Azur Airport, located approximately 7 km west of the city center, offers a convenient option for travelers. The 98 shuttle bus connects the airport to the city center.
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Parking Near Allianz Riviera

With over 11,000 parking spaces, the Allianz Riviera provides ample parking for visitors arriving by car.

Allianz Riviera Hotels

Nice, being a renowned destination on the Riviera, offers a wide selection of top-class hotels. Whether you are seeking luxury or comfort, the city has numerous options to suit your preferences.

Pubs and Bars Near Allianz Riviera

Nice’s vibrant atmosphere extends to its bars and restaurants, offering ample choices for refreshments before heading to the stadium. Most establishments are located in the city center, providing an array of options for supporters seeking pre-match entertainment.

Top-notch Facilities

As one of the most modern stadiums in the country, the Allianz Riviera boasts top-class facilities. Fans can enjoy a wide range of food and beverages available throughout the stadium. The grandstands and concourses provide unobstructed views, ensuring an exceptional matchday experience.

Unforgettable Hospitality

The Allianz Riviera offers a variety of hospitality options for those looking to enhance their matchday experience. VIP lodges, providing attentive service and exquisite cuisine, cater to fans seeking the ultimate indulgence. Each pair of tickets purchased comes with a private parking space. Matches against premier teams such as PSG or Olympique Marseille may even include a souvenir gift from the club.

Private Hire and Special Events

The Allianz Riviera offers private hire options, providing an exclusive experience for special events. Additionally, the National Sports Museum, located nearby, offers space for various occasions, including cocktail receptions, dinners, seminars, symposiums, and film screenings.

Stadium Tours and Museum

Guided tours of the Allianz Riviera offer fans a unique glimpse into the stadium’s inner workings. Tours last approximately one hour, with affordable ticket prices. The tour welcomes visitors of all ages, with free entry for children under five.

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About OGC Nice

With four Ligue 1 titles and three Coupe de France victories, OGC Nice has a rich history of success. The club’s significant achievements were primarily in the 1950s, led by notable managers like William Berry. A strong rivalry exists between OGC Nice and AS Monaco, both located on the picturesque French Riviera.

The History of Allianz Riviera

Construction of the Allianz Riviera began in 2011, and the stadium was completed in 2013. The financing for the project involved a combination of public and private funds. In 2012, the stadium secured a sponsorship deal with Allianz, leading to its current name. It has hosted several matches, including those in the 2016 UEFA European Championships, earning it the alternate name “Stade de Nice.” The architectural design of Wilmotte & Associés, the same company behind the Kaliningrad Stadium and the Longchamp Racecourse, contributes to the stadium’s modern aesthetic and functionality.

Future Developments

As a relatively new stadium, the Allianz Riviera does not currently have any planned developments. The surrounding area underwent development in preparation for the 2016 UEFA European Championships. However, further enhancements are unlikely in the near future.

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The Allianz Riviera represents the pinnacle of modern football stadiums, providing a memorable experience for fans. As the home ground of OGC Nice, its rich history and state-of-the-art facilities contribute to the club’s success. Whether you are a devoted supporter or a curious visitor, a trip to the Allianz Riviera promises an unforgettable experience. For more information about OGC Nice and upcoming matches, visit Movin993.