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How Many Games in a Bundesliga Season?

Bayern vs Dortmund

As one of Germany’s top leagues, the Bundesliga attracts fans from all over the world. Each year, the league becomes more competitive, and fans want to stay informed about the standings. So, how many games are played in a Bundesliga season?

The Bundesliga season consists of a total of 306 games, with each of the 18 teams playing 34 games in total. To ensure fairness, each team has a home and away fixture with every other team in the league.

How the Bundesliga Season Works

  • Bundesliga Season: August-May
  • Off-Season: June-July

Similar to other European domestic leagues, the Bundesliga regular season involves playing each team twice. With 18 teams in the league, this results in 34 games per season. Each team plays the other 17 teams once at home and once on the road. At the end of the season, the team on top of the table becomes the champion, with tiebreakers in place for determining the winner if necessary.

Other Matches Throughout the Year

Bundesliga teams don’t only play 34 matches per year. The top teams participate in various cups and tournaments, which can lead to additional matches. The main objective for European club teams is to qualify for the Champions League. To do so, they must have a strong record in the Bundesliga the previous year.

Bundesliga is ranked among the top four UEFA member association club coefficients until at least 2023-2024. This means the top four clubs in the Bundesliga automatically qualify for the Champions League the following season. There’s also a chance for a fifth club to qualify if the winner of the Champions League or Europa League is from the Bundesliga but outside the top four domestically.

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Fifth and sixth place finishers in the Bundesliga automatically qualify for the Europa League the following season. Additionally, the winner of the DFB Cup earns a spot in the Europa League, provided they haven’t already qualified for the Champions League.

Throughout the year, there are various cups and contests that generate local interest. These competitions have different weightage, and some teams may give playing time to players who don’t usually feature in the main matches. They serve as exhibition matches, especially for the big-budget teams.

How Does Relegation Work in the Bundesliga?

Lewandowski and Kimmich

At the end of each season, the Bundesliga implements a unique relegation system. Instead of automatically relegating the bottom teams, a relegation playoff takes place to determine which team stays or goes.

The playoff involves the team finishing 16th in the Bundesliga competing against the team finishing third in Bundesliga 2. This two-legged playoff gives the winner the opportunity to compete in the Bundesliga the following year. The goal is to complete this playoff within 10 days of the end of the regular season, adding an extra layer of excitement as teams fight for their spot in the top flight.

The teams that finish in 17th and 18th place in the Bundesliga automatically drop down to Bundesliga 2. Meanwhile, the top two teams in Bundesliga 2 earn promotion to the Bundesliga. Although there have been discussions about additional playoffs, currently, only one playoff match determines the outcome.

Who Are the Best Teams in the Bundesliga?

In recent years, Bayern Munich has been the dominant force in the Bundesliga. They consistently challenge for the league title and perform well in international competitions. With 11 appearances in the Champions League Finals and six victories, Bayern Munich is a powerhouse in the world of football. Their financial strength allows them to compete against any team globally.

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Apart from Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund has been the most consistent team in the Bundesliga. They have won the league four times and finished as runners-up on eight occasions. Dortmund was the last team to win the Bundesliga before Bayern Munich’s dominance, clinching the title in the 2011-2012 season.

Borussia Mönchengladbach and Werder Bremen are the only other teams with four or more Bundesliga titles. While some clubs have had occasional historic runs, maintaining success over an extended period is more challenging.

When Did the Bundesliga Start?

The Bundesliga officially began in 1963, with FC Köln becoming the first champion in 1964. Over the years, the league has undergone several changes depending on the number of teams, relegation rules, and European competition qualifications.

Historically, the Bundesliga may not have been as competitive as other European leagues. However, it has still produced exceptional teams, primarily due to the dominance of Bayern Munich. Their funding ensures that they can consistently compete against top teams from around the world.

The Future of the Bundesliga

Some soccer fans express concerns about the lack of competitiveness in the Bundesliga due to Bayern Munich’s dominance. Many seasons seem like a race for second place. While some argue that other teams need to elevate their level, Bayern Munich enjoys a significant financial advantage.

The Bundesliga has gained its reputation through quality youth development and exceptional physical fitness. Though it may not be the flashiest domestic league, its success on the international stage cannot be overlooked. The majority of players representing Germany in the World Cup come directly from the Bundesliga, and the national team consistently contends for the title.

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If a few more teams can challenge Bayern Munich at the top, it would enhance the overall reputation of the league. The Bundesliga has the potential to be on par with other European leagues, provided there is increased competitiveness throughout the league.


Q: How many games are played in a Bundesliga season?

A: There are a total of 306 games played in a Bundesliga season, with each team playing 34 games.

Q: How does the Bundesliga relegation system work?

A: The Bundesliga implements a relegation playoff system, where the team finishing 16th in the Bundesliga competes against the team finishing third in Bundesliga 2.

Q: Who are the most successful teams in the Bundesliga?

A: Bayern Munich has been the most successful team in the Bundesliga, with numerous league titles and Champions League victories. Borussia Dortmund, Borussia Mönchengladbach, and Werder Bremen have also achieved success in the league.

Q: When did the Bundesliga start?

A: The Bundesliga officially started in 1963, with FC Köln becoming the first champion in 1964.


The Bundesliga offers exciting football action with its 34-game season and unique relegation playoff system. While teams like Bayern Munich have dominated the league, there have been other successful clubs such as Borussia Dortmund. The future of the Bundesliga relies on increased competitiveness and the continued development of talented players. To stay informed about the Bundesliga, visit Movin993.