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Red Bull’s Soccer Team Empire: A Closer Look

Red Bull Salzburg

Red Bull, known for its energy drinks, has quietly become a prominent name in sports team ownership. What started as a passion project has turned into a successful venture for the brand. So, just how many soccer teams does Red Bull own? Let’s explore their impressive portfolio.

Breaking Down the Red Bull Soccer Teams

To understand Red Bull’s empire, let’s take a closer look at their four soccer teams.

1. Red Bull Salzburg

Red Bull Salzburg Soccer Team

  • League: Austrian Bundesliga

Red Bull purchased Red Bull Salzburg, located in Austria’s capital city, in 2005. This historic team has consistently participated in the UEFA Champions League over the past two decades. While primarily composed of Austrian players, Red Bull Salzburg has the ability to attract talent from around the world.

2. New York Red Bulls

New York Red Bulls Soccer Team

  • League: MLS

As one of the original members of Major League Soccer (MLS) in the United States, the New York Red Bulls, formerly known as the MetroStars, boast one of the league’s largest fan bases. Situated in the country’s vibrant hub, New York City, they attract talented players from all corners of the globe. While the team has yet to win an MLS Cup title, they reached the finals in 2008.

3. RB Leipzig

RB Leipzig Soccer Team

  • League: Bundesliga
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RB Leipzig, based in Germany and playing their matches at the impressive Red Bull Arena, has established themselves in the prestigious Bundesliga. They made history by securing a spot in the UEFA Champions League in their first year in the top division. Recently, RB Leipzig claimed the 2022 DFB-Pokal, their first major trophy. With two second-place finishes and a semi-final appearance in the UEFA Champions League, they have cemented their place among Germany’s elite teams.

4. Red Bull Bragantino

Red Bull Bragantino Soccer Team

  • League: Serie A Brazil

The newest addition to Red Bull’s roster is Red Bull Bragantino. Acquired in 2020, Red Bull’s focus is on developing a competitive team in Brazil. It is still early to predict their accomplishments, but they have taken over representation in Brazil after parting ways with Red Bull Brasil.

Red Bull’s Sporting Influence Goes Beyond Soccer

While Red Bull’s ownership of soccer teams is noteworthy, their influence extends to other sports as well.

  • Formula One: Red Bull’s involvement in marketing transcends soccer. They have notable teams in Formula One, such as Oracle Red Bull Racing and Scuderia AlphaTauri.
  • ESports: Recognizing the correlation between energy drinks and gaming, Red Bull has made significant investments in ESports. They sponsor OG Dota 2 and Red Bulls, capitalizing on the global growth of this industry.
  • Ice Hockey: Red Bull’s influence is not limited to soccer and racing. They also support EHC Red Bull Munchen, a successful club team in Germany.
  • NASCAR: Seeking to capitalize on the renewed interest in racing, Red Bull sponsors Team Red Bull in NASCAR.
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Red Bull’s Motivation Behind Team Ownership

Red Bull’s main focus is marketing, building a brand, and gaining recognition across various fan bases. While they do not manufacture their energy drinks, their association with sports strengthens their marketing strategy. Athletes and fans alike appreciate Red Bull, making the brand synonymous with high energy and performance. By acquiring teams, Red Bull differentiates itself from competitors, creating narratives of successful sponsorships and team ownership.

Fan Reception

The opinions of sports fans regarding Red Bull’s team acquisitions are generally positive. However, RB Leipzig, with its commercialization and financial advantages, has become a polarizing team in Austria. The wealth they bring in allows them to attract top talent and compete at the Champions League level, making them a target for other teams rather than an underdog story.

What’s Next for Red Bull?

Red Bull shows no signs of slowing down its sports team acquisitions. With their successful soccer portfolio, it would not be surprising to see Red Bull double their soccer teams in the next ten years. Additionally, they plan to expand their influence in other sports to further their brand recognition and establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with.


Q: How many soccer teams does Red Bull own?
A: Red Bull owns four soccer teams in different countries: FC Red Bull Salzburg (Austria), New York Red Bulls (USA), RB Leipzig (Germany), and Red Bull Bragantino (Brazil).

Q: What other sports does Red Bull sponsor?
A: In addition to soccer, Red Bull is involved in Formula One, ESports (OG Dota 2 and Red Bulls), ice hockey (EHC Red Bull Munchen), and NASCAR (Team Red Bull).

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Q: Why does Red Bull focus on owning sports teams?
A: Red Bull’s emphasis on team ownership allows them to strengthen their brand and create unique narratives. By sponsoring and owning teams, they differentiate themselves from competitors and expand their marketing reach.

Q: How do sports fans perceive Red Bull’s team acquisitions?
A: Generally, sports fans appreciate Red Bull’s involvement in team ownership. However, RB Leipzig, with its financial advantages, has divided opinions in Austria, as they are seen as a commercialized team rather than an underdog.


Red Bull’s ownership of soccer teams has propelled them into the forefront of sports team ownership. With clubs in Austria, the United States, Germany, and Brazil, Red Bull is fostering talent and achieving success across multiple continents. Beyond soccer, Red Bull’s influence extends to other sports, where they continue to make their mark. As they forge ahead, it’s clear that Red Bull’s dedication to team ownership is an integral part of their marketing strategy, allowing them to establish themselves as a brand synonymous with energy and performance. Learn more about Red Bull and their impressive sports ventures on Movin993.