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The 7 Fastest Soccer Shots Ever

In the world of soccer, few things are as awe-inspiring as a perfectly struck shot that whizzes into the back of the net with power, precision, and blistering speed. Throughout the history of the sport, we have been treated to some remarkable moments of brilliance, where gifted players have unleashed shots that have become the stuff of legend.

In this article, we will delve into the realm of the fastest shots in soccer history. We’ll shine a spotlight on the players known for their lethal strikes, and explore the top 7 fastest shots ever recorded on a professional football pitch.

How Fast Can Soccer Players Strike The Ball?

Over the years, professional football has evolved dramatically, particularly in terms of the resources available to clubs. Thanks to advances in sports science and technology, teams now have access to detailed performance analysis and metrics, shedding light on various aspects of the game. Shot speed is one such metric that has gained significant attention.

While it’s worth noting that the figures we present here are estimates, as each club’s player monitoring system remains private, we will focus on the modern era to compile our list of the fastest soccer shots of all time.

The 7 Fastest Soccer Shots Ever

The physical prowess of professional athletes can sometimes be taken for granted. In other sports like tennis or baseball, we marvel at the speeds at which balls are served or pitched. Soccer is no different, with players consistently displaying incredible power and precision.

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Below, we present the seven fastest recorded soccer shots:

#7. Tony Yeboah vs Wimbledon, 1995 (95.7 miles per hour)

Ghanaian striker Tony Yeboah achieved cult status during his time at Leeds United in the mid-1990s. One of his standout moments came against Wimbledon, where he unleashed a thunderous strike from just outside the penalty area. The shot, clocked at 95.7 miles per hour, rocketed into the net, securing Yeboah both Goal of the Season and a memorable hat trick.

#6. David Trezeguet vs Manchester United, 1998 (95.9 miles per hour)

French forward David Trezeguet, known for his prolific scoring at Juventus, etched his name into the soccer history books with a blistering shot against Manchester United. From the edge of the box, Trezeguet unleashed a rocket that reached speeds of 95.9 miles per hour, leaving goalkeeper Fabien Barthez with no chance of making a save.

#5. David Hirst vs Arsenal, 1996 (114 miles per hour)

Sheffield Wednesday striker David Hirst may not be as widely recognized as some other players on this list, but his shot against Arsenal is a testament to his striking ability. Hirst’s half-volley, which hit the crossbar, was recorded at an incredible speed of 114 miles per hour.

#4. Ronald Koeman vs Sampdoria, 1992 (116.8 miles per hour)

Ronald Koeman, renowned for his managerial success, also left his mark as a player. In the 1992 European Cup final, Koeman delivered a thunderbolt of a free kick, propelling the ball into the net at a remarkable speed of 116.8 miles per hour. His strike secured Barcelona’s victory over Sampdoria.

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#3. Steven Reid vs Wigan, 2005 (117.4 miles per hour)

Former midfielder and full-back Steven Reid holds the record for the most powerful strike in Premier League history. Playing for Blackburn Rovers at the time, Reid unleashed an unstoppable shot from 25 yards out, reaching an astonishing speed of 117.4 miles per hour.

#2. Arjen Robben vs Borussia Dortmund, 2009 (118 miles per hour)

Arjen Robben, known for his success at Bayern Munich, delivered an explosive left-footed volley during a friendly match against Borussia Dortmund in 2009. The shot, traveling at a staggering 118 miles per hour, demonstrated Robben’s incredible technique and power.

#1. Ronny Heberson vs Associação Naval 1º de Maio, 2006 (131.8 miles per hour)

Brazilian midfielder Ronny Heberson may not be a household name, but he holds the distinction of scoring the most powerful soccer shot ever recorded. He unleashed a fearsome free kick, registering an astonishing speed of 131.8 miles per hour. This incredible display of power occurred during his time at Sporting CP.

The Growth of Technology in Soccer

The advancements in technology and science have revolutionized the way we understand and analyze soccer. From player monitoring systems to GPS tracking, professionals in the sport now have access to an array of tools that provide valuable insights.

If you’re curious about how GPS devices have transformed the game, check out our article on the growing role of GPS in soccer. Discover how this innovative technology is making a significant impact on the professional game today.

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Q: Who holds the record for the fastest soccer shot ever recorded?

A: Ronny Heberson, a Brazilian midfielder, currently holds the record for the fastest soccer shot ever recorded. His incredible free kick reached a mind-boggling speed of 131.8 miles per hour.

Q: Which player scored the fastest goal in soccer history?

A: The fastest goal ever scored in a professional soccer match is believed to be by Nawaf Al Abed, a Saudi Arabian player. He found the back of the net just two seconds into a match for Al Hilal against Al Shoalah in 2009.

Q: Are the speeds mentioned in the article the absolute maximum for each player’s shots?

A: The speeds presented here are estimates based on available data and technology at the time. Due to the private nature of each club’s player monitoring system, it is difficult to ascertain the absolute maximum speeds reached by players.


In this article, we explored the world of the fastest soccer shots ever recorded. From Tony Yeboah’s thunderous strike to Ronny Heberson’s record-breaking free kick, these players showcased their exceptional power and technique. The growth of technology in the sport has enabled us to appreciate the stunning speeds achieved on the field. As soccer continues to evolve, players will undoubtedly push the boundaries of what is possible, thrilling fans with their extraordinary shots. To experience the beauty of the game firsthand, visit our website and join us for the exciting world of soccer.