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The Corner Kick in Soccer: An Essential Aspect of the Game

When the English Football Association established the Laws of the Game in 1863, little did they know how much the sport would evolve over the years. While many rules have changed, one constant has been the corner kick. This essential aspect of soccer has seen slight modifications since its introduction in 1872. In this article, we will delve into everything you need to know about the corner kick in soccer, including when it is awarded, how teams use it to their advantage, and the possibility of scoring directly from a corner kick.

What is a Corner Kick in Soccer?

Corner kicks are a vital part of soccer, and it’s rare for a game to pass without a few of them. They are awarded when the ball goes out of play via the end touchline, having last touched a defending player. Unlike throw-ins, corner kicks are taken from the corner of the pitch and not from where the ball crossed the line. The ball must be stationary and kicked from within the designated corner area. Attacking teams aim to cross the ball into the opposition’s penalty area, creating scoring opportunities.

Corner Kick Rules: How Do They Work?

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There are specific rules to follow when taking a corner kick. The corner flagpost must not be moved, and the ball must be still when kicked. Defending players must stay at least 10 yards away from the corner arc until the ball is in play. If the corner taker touches the ball for a second time before another player, it is considered an illegal offense. Additionally, players can continue playing even if the corner taker deliberately kicks the ball at an opponent, as long as it is not careless, reckless, or excessively forceful.

The Best Corner Takers in Football

Throughout history, certain players have excelled in taking corner kicks, earning recognition for their ability to deliver precise crosses and create scoring opportunities. David Beckham, known for his inch-perfect corners, played a crucial role in Manchester United’s iconic 1999 Champions League campaign. Andrea Pirlo, Trent Alexander-Arnold, and Xavi Hernandez are also renowned for their dead ball abilities, consistently delivering dangerous corners for their teams.

Can You Score on a Corner Kick?

While it is rare to see a player score directly from a corner kick, it is entirely legal to do so. Unlike throw-ins, a goal scored directly from a corner kick counts. Players attempting this feat need exceptional technical skill, typically using an in-swinging corner to direct the ball toward the far corner of the net. Although difficult, several memorable goals have been scored directly from corner kicks at the highest level of the game.

What is a Set Piece in Soccer?

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Set pieces encompass various dead ball situations in soccer, including corner kicks, free kicks, goal kicks, and throw-ins. These situations provide teams with the opportunity to create scoring chances from a standing start. Set pieces have evolved over the years, with different strategies employed by coaches and managers to gain an advantage. Stoke City’s long throw-ins and Brentford’s innovative set piece coaching are examples of approaches that have yielded success.

The Skill of Ball Striking

To become an effective set piece taker, mastering the skill of ball striking is essential. This often overlooked aspect of the game requires practice and dedication. Specialized ball striking coaching can yield significant results. If you want to delve deeper into this fascinating area of the game, check out our exclusive interview with Bartek Sylwestrzak, the world’s first expert ball striking coach.


Q: How is a corner kick awarded in soccer?
A: A corner kick is awarded when the ball goes out of play via the end touchline, having last touched a defending player.

Q: Where are corner kicks taken from?
A: Corner kicks are taken from the corner of the pitch, in one of four designated areas closest to where the ball crossed the goal line.

Q: Can you score directly from a corner kick?
A: Yes, it is possible to score directly from a corner kick. Although rare, players can launch the ball directly into the net from a corner kick.


Corner kicks are a fundamental aspect of soccer, awarded when the ball goes out of play after last touching a defending player. They are taken from the designated corner areas and require precise ball striking skills. While it is uncommon to score directly from a corner kick, it is legal and has been accomplished by skilled players throughout history. Set pieces, including corner kicks, offer teams valuable opportunities to create scoring chances from dead ball situations. Mastering the skill of ball striking can greatly enhance a player’s ability to excel in set pieces. To learn more about this subject, explore our exclusive interview with ball striking coach Bartek Sylwestrzak.

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