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Top 15 Players Who Excel at Free-Kicks


Do you feel the anticipation when your star player lines up for a free-kick? It’s a moment that can change the game’s dynamics in an instant. Today, we celebrate the artistry and skill of the greatest free-kick takers in world soccer. From veterans to legends, these players have made their mark on the beautiful game.

Andrea Pirlo – 46 Free Kick Goals


One of the coolest and most creative midfielders of all time, Andrea Pirlo graces our list. He studied the perfect free-kick technique and even found inspiration while sitting on the toilet. Pirlo’s unique approach involved striking the ball with three toes to generate whip and curl, leaving the goalkeepers in awe.

Michel Platini – 50 Free Kick Goals


Michel Platini, the French and Juventus legend, was a master of free-kicks. Known for his ability to place the ball wherever he desired, he would either aim for the top corner or powerfully strike straight at goal. His deceptive low shots would often evade the defensive wall, leaving the goalkeepers stranded.

Alessandro Del Piero – 52 Free Kick Goals


Alessandro Del Piero, one of Serie A and Italy’s most gifted players, possessed a free-kick that was both unstoppable and predictable. With a high, curling strike that suddenly dropped like a stone, he left the goalkeepers helpless. Del Piero’s attacking prowess and accuracy made him a force to be reckoned with.

Cristiano Ronaldo – 57 Free Kick Goals


Sir Alex Ferguson once declared Cristiano Ronaldo’s free-kicks as the best he had ever seen, and with good reason. Ronaldo’s career has been marked by his ability to make free-kicks look effortless. While he may miss more than he scores, his strikes are powerful and unforgettable. With 57 free-kick goals and counting, Ronaldo’s position on the list is sure to climb.

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Lionel Messi – 58 Free Kick Goals


Lionel Messi, the greatest player of all time, possesses a left foot that is truly priceless. With his deadly accuracy and creativity, Messi can curl the ball into either corner of the net. His ability to outsmart even the most vigilant goalkeepers is unparalleled. While he may have missed some free-kick opportunities due to his dribbling skills, Messi’s goals are always a sight to behold.

Marcelinho Carioca – 59 Free Kick Goals


Marcelinho Carioca had a reputation for falling out with coaches and teammates, but he also had the nickname ‘Angel Foot’ for a reason. Despite his off-field antics, he scored an impressive 59 free-kick goals throughout his career. His accuracy and technique were unmatched, making him a standout talent.

Ronald Koeman – 60 Free Kick Goals


Ronald Koeman, a world-class player and top-scoring defender in soccer history, was a threat on multiple fronts. Known for his penalties, long-range shots, and deadly free-kicks, he struck fear into the hearts of defenders whenever a foul was committed within reach of the goal. Koeman’s exceptional career and impressive statistics are a testament to his talent.

Rogerio Ceni – 61 Free Kick Goals


Yes, you read that right. Rogerio Ceni, a goalkeeper, had an exceptional record when it came to free-kicks. While many may question a goalkeeper’s presence in this list, Ceni’s success rate is undeniable. With a career that spanned 13 years, he netted an astounding 61 free-kick goals and rightfully earned his place among Brazil’s greatest goalkeepers.

Zico – 62 Free Kick Goals


When Zico, a Brazilian, lined up for a free-kick, it was a thing of beauty. Known for scoring over 100 free-kicks throughout his career, Zico had the ball on a string. He could bend and dictate the ball’s direction with ease, leaving goalkeepers helpless. His technique of leaning back as he struck the ball with his instep revolutionized free-kick taking and inspired future generations of players.

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Diego Maradona – 62 Free Kick Goals


Diego Maradona, known as the Godfather of free-kick specialists, is rightfully recognized as one of the greatest players in history. His compact and robust style made it nearly impossible for opponents to steal the ball from him. Maradona’s intelligence and creativity extended to his free-kicks. His ability to bend the ball quickly around walls of players resulted in 62 career goals from set pieces. Many players on our list attribute Maradona as their inspiration for developing their own free-kick strategies.

David Beckham – 65 Free Kick Goals


David Beckham, arguably the most famous free-kick taker of all time, was renowned for his accuracy and consistency. Despite his persona off the field, Beckham’s dedication to practice and hard work transformed him into one of the best dead-ball specialists in the world. Throughout his career, he scored an impressive 65 goals from free-kicks, leaving fans in awe of his precision.

Ronaldinho – 66 Free Kick Goals


Ronaldinho’s infectious smile and love for the game made him stand out among his peers. His incredible skills and technique set him apart as one of the most skillful players in history. Ronaldinho’s ability to bend the ball and strike it with accuracy and effect resulted in an impressive 66 free-kick goals throughout his career. His goals were a testament to his passion and talent.

Victor Legrotaglie – 66 Free Kick Goals


Victor Legrotaglie may not be a household name, but his 66 free-kick goals earn him a place in the top three. The Argentine player remained loyal to his club, Gimnasia y Esgrima, and impressed with his remarkable goal-scoring ability. His inclusion on this list ahead of legends like Messi and Maradona demonstrates the prolific nature of his talent.

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Pele – 70 Free Kick Goals


Pele, the greatest Brazilian soccer player of all time, needs no introduction. With a staggering tally of 765 career goals, it’s no surprise that he scored 70 free-kick goals. Pele’s technique involved striking the ball with power and relying on sheer pace to outwit goalkeepers. His dominance on the pitch and unwavering desire to score made him a true legend.

Juninho Pernambucano – 77 Free Kick Goals


Juninho Pernambucano holds the crown as the world’s number one free-kick taker. His technique, known as ‘Knuckle Ball,’ is a marvel to behold. By hitting the ball with immense power and generating no spin, Juninho achieved a wobbling effect that left goalkeepers guessing. Over his 20-year career, he scored an incredible 77 free-kick goals. His mastery of set-pieces, both in quantity and quality, will forever be admired and remembered.


  • Who is the greatest free-kick taker of all time?
    Juninho Pernambucano holds the record for the most free-kick goals, making him the greatest free-kick taker in history.

  • Which players were influenced by Diego Maradona’s free-kick technique?
    Players such as Andrea Pirlo and Lionel Messi credit Maradona as their inspiration for developing their own free-kick strategies.

  • What is a ‘Knuckle Ball’?
    A ‘Knuckle Ball’ is a technique perfected by Juninho Pernambucano, where the ball is hit with immense power and without spin, causing it to wobble unpredictably in the air.


The artistry and skill displayed by these players in free-kick situations are truly remarkable. From Pirlo to Juninho, each player has left an indelible mark on the game. Their precision, creativity, and ability to bend the ball have not only entertained fans but also inspired future generations of players. As we celebrate their achievements, let’s continue to appreciate the beauty of free-kicks in the world of soccer. For more exciting content on soccer and sports, visit Movin993.