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TQL Stadium (FC Cincinnati): A Guide to the Impressive Soccer Venue

FC Cincinnati, one of the newest additions to Major League Soccer (MLS), has made significant strides in the Eastern Conference this season, putting them in contention for their first-ever league title. A key contributing factor to their success has been their state-of-the-art home, the TQL Stadium.

TQL Stadium: Key Facts and Facilities

  • Capacity: 25,513
  • Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Built: 2021
  • Construction cost: $250 million

The TQL Stadium is a testament to the growth of MLS, with its impressive capacity and modern amenities. Unlike other grounds of a similar size, such as Soldier Field in Chicago, the TQL Stadium is a relatively new addition to the American professional soccer landscape. Since its official opening in 2021, the stadium has consistently attracted a full house, with an average attendance of 25,441 last season.

The TQL Stadium offers a range of top-notch facilities. With a construction cost of $250 million, the stadium boasts a 25,000-seat capacity, 53 traditional suites, and 4,500 premium seats across four premium club spaces. It also houses five team locker rooms, numerous offices, a coach’s lounge, extensive equipment storage, and the Mercy Health Center of Excellence, which caters to all the medical and fitness needs of the teams.

History of the TQL Stadium

FC Cincinnati was established in 2015 as a representative of the city of Cincinnati in southwestern Ohio. After experiencing success in the United Soccer League (USL), the club was awarded an MLS franchise in 2018. Initially playing their home matches at the Nippert Stadium, a university stadium primarily used for American football, FC Cincinnati began the search for a new permanent home in 2017.

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The TQL Stadium site was identified in Cincinnati’s West End neighborhood, and plans were set in motion to acquire the necessary land. Despite some opposition, the club secured the land, paid $25 million to the school board, and built a new $10 million stadium for Taft High School. Construction of the TQL Stadium began, with the first design concepts released in October 2018. After some alterations, a final design was unveiled in 2019.

TQL Stadium: Stands and Dimensions

Spanning 12.4 acres, the TQL Stadium not only offers a soccer field measuring 115 x 75 yards but also boasts remarkable structures surrounding the pitch. The Bailey, located at the goal-end section, is a single-tiered safe standing area where the club’s passionate supporters gather. It can accommodate over 3,000 fans and contributes to the vibrant atmosphere on match days.

Every seat in the TQL Stadium is covered by a 360-degree canopy roof, designed to provide shelter while allowing sufficient sunlight for the natural grass field to thrive. This attention to detail in the stadium’s architectural elements sets it apart from many other North American venues.

International Recognition and More

The TQL Stadium has gained international recognition, winning the title of Best Venue of 2022 at the World Football Summit awards held in Madrid, Spain. Its design, specifically tailored to enhance the fan experience, has received high praise.

Apart from hosting MLS matches, the TQL Stadium is equipped to accommodate fixtures of the US Men’s and Women’s National Teams, as well as other CONCACAF or FIFA events. Its versatility extends to hosting live music events, with legendary rock band The Who having performed at the venue.

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With its impressive facilities, comfortable seating, diverse food and drink options, and vibrant atmosphere, the TQL Stadium embodies the progress being made in Major League Soccer and has become a beloved home for FC Cincinnati.


Q: How many seats does the TQL Stadium have?
A: The TQL Stadium has a capacity of 25,513 seats.

Q: Where is the TQL Stadium located?
A: The TQL Stadium is situated in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Q: When was the TQL Stadium built?
A: The TQL Stadium was officially opened in 2021.

Q: How much did it cost to construct the TQL Stadium?
A: The construction cost of the TQL Stadium was $250 million.


The TQL Stadium, home to FC Cincinnati, is a state-of-the-art soccer venue that showcases the growth and ambition of Major League Soccer. With a seating capacity of 25,513 and a construction cost of $250 million, the stadium offers top-notch facilities, including suites, premium seating, and extensive medical and fitness amenities.

FC Cincinnati’s journey to the TQL Stadium began in 2015, and after playing in the Nippert Stadium, the club sought a permanent home. The West End neighborhood in Cincinnati became the site for the new stadium, which opened its doors in 2021. The TQL Stadium’s design, with its 360-degree canopy roof and the unique Bailey section, has garnered international recognition.

Beyond hosting MLS matches, the TQL Stadium is capable of accommodating national and international soccer events. The stadium’s live music offerings and varied food and drink options add to the overall fan experience. The TQL Stadium stands as a shining example of MLS’s progress and FC Cincinnati’s growing presence in American soccer.

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