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Why Lionel Messi is Regarded as the Greatest of All Time

Lionel Messi

In the world of soccer, one name stands above the rest – Lionel Messi. Known as the GOAT (Greatest of All Time), Messi’s talent and achievements have captivated fans and experts alike. Let’s delve into what sets him apart and why he is widely regarded as the greatest player in soccer history.

Spotting Talent

Every generation witnesses extraordinary talents, but Lionel Messi is in a league of his own. From a young age, he displayed a level of skill and mastery that was simply breathtaking. Despite being a tiny child who required growth hormone treatment, Messi’s talent shone on the soccer field. Playing for his boyhood club, Newell’s Old Boys, he scored over 500 youth goals in just a few years. This caught the attention of Barcelona, where Messi’s family had connections. Determined to sign him despite his health issues, Barcelona’s director, Charly Rexach, wrote a contract on a napkin and assured the Messi family that their son would play for Barcelona one day. And so, the rise of a global superstar began.

Barcelona’s Superstar

After initially facing challenges in Spain due to homesickness and eligibility issues, Messi eventually joined the senior Barcelona squad at just 16 years old. To the surprise of his more senior teammates, he swiftly proved his worth during training sessions by outperforming established players. Messi’s low center of gravity, exceptional ball control, and unexpected flair left opponents helpless against his mesmerizing style of play.

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The Greatest Team of All Time

Messi with Ballon d'Or

By 2005, Lionel Messi had become an indispensable part of the Barcelona squad, joining forces with players like Andres Iniesta, Xavi Hernandez, and Gerard Pique. Together, they formed arguably the best club team ever assembled. Opponents feared Messi, and Barcelona fans idolized him. With each match, Messi’s skill and influence grew, as he single-handedly dismantled opposing teams. Under the guidance of manager Pep Guardiola, Barcelona dominated both domestically and internationally, winning the treble in 2008-09. Many hailed this Barcelona team as the greatest club team of all time. Messi’s goalscoring prowess, combined with his tiki-taka playing style, pushed the boundaries of what was thought possible in soccer.

Trophies Galore

Messi with number 10

What truly separates a great player from the GOAT is a track record of winning. Lionel Messi’s trophy cabinet is a testament to his greatness. He has won an astonishing number of personal accolades, club trophies, and international titles. Messi holds the record for the most Ballon d’Or awards, having won it seven times. He has been crowned the FIFA best player twice and the UEFA best player in Europe thrice. Messi has also been the top scorer in numerous competitions, including La Liga and the Copa del Rey.

For Barcelona, Messi has won ten La Liga titles, four Champions League medals, and numerous other domestic and international honors. Each award and trophy is a testament to Messi’s exceptional talent and his impact on the game.

The Stats Don’t Lie

Stats can provide valuable insight into a player’s performance, and Lionel Messi’s stats speak volumes about his exceptional abilities. Here are just a few of the records he holds:

  • Most UEFA Champions League group stage goals: 74
  • Most UEFA Champions League goals for a single club: 120
  • Most goals in a calendar year: 79
  • Most Liga goals: 474
  • Most Liga hat-tricks: 36
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These records, among many others, highlight Messi’s dominance and consistency throughout his career.

Messi: The Childlike Genius

Messi's playing style

When comparing Messi to his contemporaries, especially Cristiano Ronaldo, there is a distinct difference in playing style. Ronaldo is a machine-like player renowned for his physicality and determination to be the best. In contrast, Messi plays soccer with a childlike joy that sets him apart. He exhibits an effortless creativity, preferring to outwit multiple defenders before gracefully guiding the ball into the net. This unique combination of technical ability, vision, and audacity is what truly defines Messi’s game.


Watching Lionel Messi play soccer is like witnessing pure genius. He effortlessly outshines his competitors, leaving them in awe as he glides past them. His greatness transcends opinion, with players, managers, and journalists unanimously agreeing that Messi is a genius. Over the span of two decades, he has consistently amazed fans with his extraordinary talent and unmatched skill. Messi’s impact is immeasurable, making him the indisputable GOAT, the number one player in soccer history.


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