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York Community Stadium: A Modern Sporting Hub

York City recently made the move to the York Community Stadium, a purpose-built complex that opened its doors in 2021. Though their first game here was played behind closed doors due to the ongoing pandemic, the stadium holds great promise for the future of the club. Let’s take a closer look at this state-of-the-art facility and what it has to offer.

A Home for All

The York Community Stadium, also known as the LNER Community Stadium, gets its name from its commitment to being more than just a football ground. As a leisure complex and community hub, it aims to serve a wide range of interests and activities. The stadium is also shared with the York City Knights Rugby League Football Club, embodying its inclusive ethos.

A Rich History

Before moving to the York Community Stadium, York City Football Club called Bootham Crescent home. Since 1932, the club played their games at this ground, which was owned by York Cricket Club. Over time, York City managed to purchase the ground outright in 1948. However, it was time for a change, and the York Community Stadium presented an exciting opportunity for the club.

Unveiling the Stadium Stats

Here are some key statistics about the York Community Stadium:

  • Year Opened: 2021
  • Capacity: 8,500
  • Average Attendance: 2,789
  • Pitch Size: 105 x 68 meters
  • Former Name: York Community Stadium
  • Owner: City of York Council
  • Sponsor: LNER
  • Clubs Hosted: York City F.C., York City Knights
  • First Fixture: York City v AFC Fylde – 16/02/2021
  • Year Founded (York City): 1922

A Stadium Designed for the Future

The York Community Stadium boasts a modern design that stands out in the world of football grounds. Despite not having a bowl design, the stadium’s contemporary feel is evident in its stands, which wrap around the pitch seamlessly. Each corner of the stadium offers various facilities, ensuring a comprehensive matchday experience.

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The East main stand spans three floors and houses hospitality boxes, dressing rooms for players, and spaces for officials and the media. The North stand, located behind one of the goals, is the smallest of the four stands and is typically allocated to away supporters. The South stand occupies the other goal end, while the West stand, running the full length of the pitch, provides excellent accessibility options.

Tickets at York City

York City adopts a straightforward approach when it comes to ticket pricing. Regardless of where you choose to sit, the price remains fixed, with only age influencing the cost. Here are the rates for adults and concessions:

  • Adults: £20.00
  • Concessions: £15.00


Q1: How can I purchase York City tickets?
A1: Supporters can buy tickets by directly calling the ticket office, sending an email, or visiting in person.

Q2: Where can I buy York City tickets?
A2: Ticket Compare is a reliable platform for purchasing York City tickets.

Getting to the York Community Stadium


York Station offers easy access to the stadium via train, though it’s important to note that the stadium is about 3 miles away from the station.


Fortunately, several bus routes serve the stadium, including numbers 5 (Park and Ride), 9, and 12.


If you plan to drive, you can reach the stadium by following these routes:

  • From the South: A1, A64, and A19
  • From the North: A1 or A19
  • From the East: A64 to the A19


While Leeds-Bradford International Airport is relatively close to York, flying might be a bit extreme for attending a match.

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A taxi from York Station to the stadium takes approximately 15-20 minutes and costs around £10-£12.

Parking Near the York Community Stadium

Given that the stadium is part of a larger complex, numerous parking spaces are available for visitors. However, the process can be a bit intricate. To ensure a smooth experience, supporters must park in a specified area within the Monks Cross P&R. On match days, 400 spaces are reserved, and advanced payment (£5) is required. Stewards are present to scan barcode receipts and ensure unauthorized parking does not occur.

York Community Stadium Hotels

When visiting York, why not stay in a hotel or B&B housed in one of the city’s historic buildings? These establishments offer a unique and charming experience compared to larger chain hotels.

Pubs and Bars Near York Community Stadium

York is famous for its historic pubs, each brimming with character and charm. While any pub in the city is sure to provide a memorable experience, here are a few recommendations for footy fans:


The facilities at the York Community Stadium set a high standard for a Football League club. From brand new toilets to covered stands providing unobstructed views, every detail has been carefully considered. Beyond the stadium itself, the attached leisure complex offers additional amenities, including crazy golf, bowling, dining options, and shopping opportunities.


  • Programme: £3
  • Pie: £3.10
  • Cup of tea: £1.80


York City offers hospitality packages that cater to all fans, not just businesses and the affluent. Individuals can book tables in the lounge, where they can enjoy a three-course meal, free parking, entertainment, padded seating, and even a live halftime reaction from the home team’s dressing room. Corporate sponsors also have the option to book private boxes and sponsor various elements of the matchday experience.

Private Hire

For private events, the LNER Community Stadium offers three options. The main lounge can accommodate up to 300 guests for presentations or 200 for dining. The Jorvik and Directors lounges provide pitch views and space for up to 150 people. Additionally, hospitality boxes are available for smaller private meetings and come equipped with AV equipment.

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Stadium Tours & Museum

While official stadium tours are not currently available, the LNER Community Stadium occasionally holds free open training sessions, providing an opportunity to explore the facilities. Plus, with half of the complex encompassing a shopping center, you can freely enjoy the retail experience.

About York City

York City Football Club was founded in 1922, though its roots trace back to an amateur team established in 1908. The club enjoyed success in the Football League’s third-tier and achieved promotion to the second-tier in 1959. Known as “The Minstermen,” the club derives its nickname from the famous Minster that stands in the heart of York. York City has achieved significant honours throughout its history, including winning the third and fourth divisions, the Conference play-offs, and the FA Trophy.

York Community Stadium History

The LNER Community Stadium, having opened its doors in 2021, is still writing its own history. However, its journey began much earlier. In 2007, York FC first identified a site for the proposed new ground, initially planned as a 6,000-seater venue. But various obstacles delayed progress, including the need for a ground share arrangement with the York City Knights Rugby Club. Despite facing challenges such as concerns about drawing trade from the town center and the discovery of protected wildlife, construction finally started in late 2017.

Future Developments

As a recently inaugurated stadium, the LNER Community Stadium is yet to undergo significant development. However, with its modern design and ample facilities, the stadium is well-equipped to meet the demands of the future.