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The Top 15 Men’s Soccer Colleges in the US


College soccer may not receive the same level of recognition as other sports in the United States, but it offers a fantastic opportunity for talented individuals to pursue their sporting careers while receiving an excellent education. The best soccer colleges in the country produce top players who have a legitimate shot at a professional career. In this article, we will explore the top 15 men’s soccer colleges in the US, all of which are Division I programs known for their competitive nature and commitment to the sport.

Notre Dame


As a dominant force in various sports, it’s no surprise that Notre Dame consistently ranks among the best teams in the country. Although their record last season was 10-8-1, they are typically ranked in the top 25. Notre Dame boasts excellent facilities and a substantial budget, making them a contender year after year. Despite conflicting schedules with American football, Notre Dame garners significant support from fans passionate about both sports.

University Of California (UCLA)

UCLA’s men’s and women’s soccer programs have a storied history. Winning four titles overall, they have recently faced some challenges but continue to attract top talent. Located in an ideal soccer environment, UCLA benefits from excellent facilities and a fertile recruiting area.


Stanford stands out as one of the most dominant men’s soccer programs in recent memory. Although they only won their first national championship in 2015, they have since secured three consecutive titles. The team’s impressive performance in 2019, making it to the Final Four, suggests they will remain a force to be reckoned with. Head coach Jeremy Gunn is highly regarded in the soccer coaching community, adding to the team’s strength and potential.

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While the North Carolina Tar Heels are often associated with women’s soccer, their men’s team is equally impressive. With multiple Final Four appearances and a national championship victory in 2011, UNC boasts a rich soccer culture. The team consistently draws large crowds, creating a formidable home-field advantage.


Virginia holds the record for the third-highest number of team titles in men’s college soccer history. While their most recent championship win was in 2014, they remain a perennial contender and frequently appear in the national championship conversation. Known for their commitment to recruiting top talent and providing exceptional facilities, Virginia attracts both skilled players and academically accomplished students.

St. Louis

The St. Louis Billikens have a prestigious history in men’s college soccer, holding the record for the most NCAA tournament championships in Division 1 history. Although they have faced challenges in recent years, they maintain strong competitiveness in the Atlantic 10 Conference. Despite not making the NCAA tournament College Cup for over 20 years, the team’s legacy and impact on men’s soccer warrant recognition.


Georgetown celebrated their first national title in 2019, demonstrating their potential as an emerging soccer powerhouse. Investing in excellent facilities, including Shaw Field, one of the top stadiums in college soccer, has contributed to their success. Georgetown’s urban campus location adds a unique atmosphere to the soccer program.


Akron surprised many when they became a national force in men’s soccer a decade ago. Despite competing in the Mid-American Conference, they have consistently performed at a high level. Investing in the program and scouting talented players has paid off, with back-to-back national championship game appearances in 2009 and 2010. Akron’s recent budget challenges may pose uncertainties, but their ability to generate revenue and national recognition should sustain their standing.

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Maryland’s soccer program boasts a long-standing tradition of excellence. With several national titles to their name, including a recent victory over Akron in 2018, they consistently compete at a high level. The program’s commitment to first-rate facilities, coaching staff, and challenging schedules contributes to their continued success even after transitioning to the Big Ten Conference.


As a longstanding powerhouse in the Big Ten, Indiana presents stiff competition for any team they encounter. With eight national championships in their history, they have consistently been at the top of the standings. Indiana’s sustained success and dedication to soccer make them a perennial contender.

Wake Forest

Wake Forest’s soccer program has steadily built a reputation as a contender in recent years. They achieved four consecutive Final Four appearances from 2006 to 2009 and secured a national championship in 2007. The Spry Stadium atmosphere adds to the team’s success, attracting enthusiastic support from both the university’s students and the local community.


Creighton has emerged as a dominant force in men’s soccer, particularly in the center of the country. Although they have yet to secure a national title, they boast four Final Four appearances in the last two decades. The popularity of soccer on campus is evident at Morrison Stadium, where crowds gather to support the team. Creighton’s move to the Big East Conference has contributed to their growth, and their future looks promising.

St. John’s

St. John’s, located in New York City, consistently performs well in men’s soccer. With numerous NCAA tournament appearances, four College Cup semifinal trips, and two title match appearances, they solidify themselves as a top program. Despite soccer’s smaller popularity in the area, St. John’s excels in recruiting players worldwide, allowing them to compete at a high level.

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Although Clemson’s American football team often takes the spotlight, their association football team is no slouch. With 14 ACC championships and two NCAA National Championships to their name, they consistently remain among the nation’s best. Clemson’s ability to attract top talent, such as Robbie Robinson, last year’s Hermann Trophy winner, positions them for continued success.


While SMU lacks national titles, they consistently achieve success within their conference and qualify for the NCAA tournament regularly. With increased funding and a growing reputation, they are poised to become serious contenders. As soccer’s popularity grows in Texas, SMU stands as the premier team in the state, attracting talented players from across the Lone Star State.


These top 15 men’s soccer colleges in the US provide talented athletes with a remarkable platform to pursue their soccer dreams while earning an excellent education. Each program boasts unique strengths, including top-notch facilities, strong support from fans, and rich traditions. Whether it’s Notre Dame’s dominance, Stanford’s recent success, or St. Louis’s historical significance, these colleges offer an environment that nurtures soccer talent and propels players toward professional careers.


  • Q: Are these the only men’s soccer colleges in the US?

    • A: No, there are many other excellent men’s soccer colleges in the US. These are just the top 15 based on their competitive records and overall reputation.
  • Q: Do these colleges offer scholarships for soccer players?

    • A: Yes, most Division I soccer programs offer scholarships to talented players. However, specific details vary between colleges, so it’s essential to research each institution’s scholarship offerings.
  • Q: Can international students join these soccer programs?

    • A: Yes, many of these programs actively recruit international players. They value diverse talent and welcome players from all over the world to contribute to their teams.