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Famous Soccer Players Who Wore The Number 12 

Famous Soccer Players Who Wore The Number 12

In the world of soccer, jersey numbers hold a special significance. They are not just random digits on the players’ backs; they often carry personal meaning and can become a part of a player’s brand identity. One such number is 12, traditionally associated with substitute goalkeepers and second-choice players. However, some remarkable soccer players have defied convention and left a lasting impact while wearing the number 12 jersey.

7. Julio Cesar – Inter Milan & Brazil

Julio Cesar

Julio Cesar, the Brazilian goalkeeper, was not just any backup player. With his exceptional athleticism and commanding presence, he established himself as one of Brazil’s greatest shot-stoppers. During his successful career, he played over 450 league matches and won numerous trophies with Inter Milan, including Serie A titles and the Champions League. Julio Cesar’s intelligence and decision-making on the field set him apart, making him a quality number 1 despite wearing the number 12 jersey.

6. Alex Sandro – Juventus & Brazil

Alex Sandro

Alex Sandro, the Brazilian left-back, showcases his attacking prowess with each match he plays. Known for his incredible pace, ball control, and accurate crosses, he has been a vital part of Juventus’ success for eight years. Sandro’s attacking style and impressive skills have drawn comparisons to the legendary Roberto Carlos. With numerous Serie A titles and a Primeira Liga title under his belt, he has proven himself as one of the most well-rounded left-backs in the world.

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5. John Obi Mikel – Chelsea & Nigeria

John Obi Mikel

John Obi Mikel’s journey to success started when he was talent-spotted at the age of 12. The Nigerian midfielder’s talent caught the attention of major clubs, leading him to Chelsea. Despite a slow start, Mikel eventually became a key player for the club, winning Premier League titles, the Europa League, and the Champions League. With his solid passing range and defensive capabilities, he proved to be an excellent defensive midfielder. Mikel’s determination and perseverance paid off, making him a valuable asset on the field.

4. Marcelo – Real Madrid & Brazil


Marcelo’s illustrious career exemplifies his skill and consistency as a left-back. For fifteen years, he made the position his own at Real Madrid, one of the most demanding clubs in the world. Known for his versatility, speed, and offensive and defensive capabilities, Marcelo is widely regarded as one of the greatest left-backs in history. His trophy collection, including La Liga titles and Champions League medals, speaks volumes about his contribution to Real Madrid’s success. Marcelo’s dedication to the number 12 jersey even inspired the name of his company, “DOZE,” a testament to his love for the game.

3. Olivier Giroud – Arsenal & France

Olivier Giroud

Olivier Giroud’s prowess as a target man has made him one of the most reliable strikers in the world. With his physicality, scoring ability, and crucial goals in big games, he has earned a place among the best. Giroud’s impressive goal-scoring record and ability to bring other players into the game have been instrumental for both Arsenal and the French national team. Despite his age, Giroud continues to be a vital player, showcasing his experience and composure on the field.

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2. Thierry Henry – Arsenal & France

Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry, one of the most electrifying and lethal strikers in soccer history, has left an indelible mark on the sport. As a graduate of the Clairefontaine academy, his talent was evident from a young age. After a successful stint at Arsenal, he became the club’s greatest player of all time. Henry’s choice of the number 12 jersey was a tribute to his idol, Marco van Basten. Despite his different playing style, Henry’s elegance, clinical finishing, and ability to create scoring opportunities made him a force to be reckoned with. His pace and skill instilled fear in opponents and propelled Arsenal to success.

1. Marco van Basten – AC Milan & Holland

Marco van Basten

Despite battling injuries throughout his career, Marco van Basten is regarded as one of the greatest players of all time. Known for his technical brilliance and goal-scoring ability, he achieved remarkable success with both Ajax and AC Milan. Van Basten’s achievements include three Ballon d’Or titles, three European Cups, and numerous domestic league titles. His elegance, creativity, and all-around contribution to the game set him apart. Despite his career being cut short due to injuries, van Basten’s impact on soccer cannot be overstated. He will forever be remembered as the greatest number 12 of all time.


Q: How many titles did Marco van Basten win with AC Milan?
A: Marco van Basten won three European Cups and four Serie A titles with AC Milan.

Q: Who is considered the best left-back in the world?
A: Marcelo, who played for Real Madrid, is widely regarded as one of the greatest left-backs in the history of soccer.

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Q: What is Olivier Giroud’s scoring record for the French national team?
A: Olivier Giroud has scored 53 goals in 120 appearances for the French national team, making him the country’s all-time leading goalscorer.

Q: Which player inspired Thierry Henry to choose the number 12 jersey?
A: Thierry Henry chose to wear the number 12 jersey as a tribute to his idol, Marco van Basten.

Q: How many league matches did Julio Cesar play during his career?
A: Julio Cesar played over 450 league matches throughout his career, demonstrating his longevity and skill as a goalkeeper.


The number 12 jersey holds a special place in the history of soccer. While traditionally associated with substitute goalkeepers, several remarkable players have defied convention and achieved great success while wearing this number. From legendary goalkeepers like Julio Cesar to attacking powerhouses like Thierry Henry, each player has made a significant impact on the game. Their skills, dedication, and love for the sport have elevated the number 12 jersey to unparalleled heights.