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The Innovative Set Piece Strategy of Brentford F.C: A Closer Look

Brentford F.C.’s first season in the Premier League has captured the attention of many due to their fresh and daring approach. However, those familiar with the club know that they have always been a team that does things differently. From their revolutionary B Team model to their data-driven strategies, Brentford has consistently been at the forefront of innovation since being acquired by Matthew Benham in 2012.

One area where Brentford stands out is their approach to set pieces. Throughout the 2021-22 season, they have caused chaos in opposition boxes with their height, physicality, and meticulously crafted routines. The Athletic’s Jay Harris highlighted the effectiveness of their inventive set plays. With aggressive techniques like positioning all outfield players around the penalty area and employing different aerial routines, Brentford always keeps their opponents guessing.

And the results speak for themselves. Brentford’s set piece strategy has led to numerous chances and goals. In fact, their use of throw-ins is particularly noteworthy. Analyst Tiago Estêvão revealed that they average 0.95 shots per 90 minutes from throw-ins, while the rest of the Premier League combined only manages 1.09 shots per 90. This significant difference highlights the effectiveness of Brentford’s strategy and begs the question: why haven’t other teams caught on?

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The truth is, some teams have started to adopt similar methods, but Brentford’s tradition of specialist coaching gives them a significant head start. Several coaches have contributed to their set piece success, including Tactical Statistician Bernardo Cueva, who currently oversees set pieces for the Bees. His predecessors, such as Gianni Vio, Nicolas Jover, and Andreas Georgson, have gone on to have successful careers in elite football.

According to Georgson, a holistic and long-term approach to set piece coaching is essential. At Brentford, the foundations were already in place, allowing him and his colleagues to focus on the detailed work required to improve. Assistant coach Brian Riemer explains that the club believes there are approximately 60 set piece situations in every game, making it crucial to allocate sufficient time and effort to maximize opportunities.

While some critics question the emphasis on specialist coaching, Brentford remains committed to exploring every avenue for gaining a competitive edge. As Riemer acknowledges, investing in a full-time set piece coach inevitably improves the quality of set pieces, which are crucial for creating scoring chances. With limited resources compared to the wealthiest clubs, Brentford recognizes the importance of innovative strategies like set piece coaching.

The hard work put into set pieces has certainly paid off for Brentford. Their goal-scoring record from set pieces is the best in the Premier League this season, with eight goals, and their Expected Goals (xG) from set pieces is also the highest, at 11.2. These impressive statistics are a testament to the effectiveness of their approach, allowing them to punch above their weight in the league.

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Brentford’s commitment to innovation extends beyond set pieces, with a focus on developing players through various types of specialists, such as sleep coaches and kicking coaches. By meticulously managing every aspect of the game, Brentford aims to maximize success within their financial constraints.

In conclusion, Brentford’s innovative approach to set pieces exemplifies their commitment to thinking outside the box and finding every possible advantage. They have not only improved their own performance but also raised awareness of the importance of set pieces in the game. As other teams continue to take notice, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the footballing world catches up to Brentford’s visionary strategies.


Q: Who is responsible for Brentford’s set piece strategy?
A: Bernardo Cueva, a Tactical Statistician, currently oversees set pieces for Brentford. He is part of a long line of specialist coaches at the club, including Gianni Vio, Nicolas Jover, and Andreas Georgson.

Q: How effective has Brentford’s set piece strategy been?
A: Brentford has the best goal-scoring record from set pieces in the Premier League this season, with eight goals. They also have the highest Expected Goals (xG) from set pieces at 11.2.

Q: Why haven’t other teams adopted Brentford’s set piece strategy?
A: Some teams have started to adopt similar methods, but Brentford’s history of specialized coaching gives them an advantage. They have been at the forefront of set piece innovation for a longer period than most other teams.


Brentford F.C. has gained attention for their innovative approach to set pieces in their first Premier League season. Their dedication to specialist coaching and meticulous attention to detail has resulted in an impressive goal-scoring record from set pieces. Led by Tactical Statistician Bernardo Cueva and with a history of successful set piece specialists, Brentford has consistently stayed ahead of the curve. Their commitment to innovation extends beyond set pieces, encompassing various aspects of player development. As other teams take notice, it is clear that Brentford’s visionary strategies are changing the game. For more information, visit movin993.com.

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