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7 Best Indoor Soccer Balls

Indoor Soccer Ball

Indoor soccer is a unique variation of the traditional sport, requiring a different type of ball. If you’re looking to find the right indoor soccer ball, we’ve hand-picked seven high-quality options to suit players of all ages. Shopping for these balls online is a simple process, so let’s dive in!

Select Sport America Brillant Super

The America Brillant Super ball is an excellent choice for high-quality play at an affordable price. It’s used for premium matches and performs well indoors due to its golf ball-like texture. Each panel is hand-stitched for consistency, providing stability as it moves through the air. This official ball is available in various colors to help players stand out on the field.


  • Available in multiple colors
  • Officially licensed
  • Holds air well


  • Some colors may be more expensive online
  • Availability can sometimes be an issue

Mikasa SX50

Mikasa’s SX50 is one of the best-selling indoor soccer balls in recent years. Its felt-covered exterior is hand-stitched to perfection, making it one of the most durable options for indoor play. This ball offers excellent control, allowing players to direct it with ease. Mikasa ensures affordability without compromising quality, making it a perfect solution for indoor soccer.


  • High-quality hand-stitching
  • Very durable outer cover
  • Suitable for all indoor surfaces
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  • Not durable enough for outdoor use
  • Limited color choices

Franklin Sports Futsal Ball

Parents looking for the best indoor soccer ball for their children can rely on Franklin Sports’ Futsal Ball. This bright and vibrant ball delivers outstanding control and performance at an affordable price. Its soft and resilient cover sets it apart, giving it a premium feel. Whether playing in dimly lit indoor facilities or on a crowded field, this ball stands out. It’s available in different sizes, making it an excellent option for young soccer fans.


  • Excellent control on passes and shots
  • Easy to see even in poor lighting
  • Consistent bounce


  • Vibrant colors may not appeal to everyone
  • Not suitable for outdoor use

Brine Evolution Indoor

While Brine may not be the most famous soccer ball company, their indoor balls are of top quality. The Brine Evolution Indoor features a standout orange color and a suede microfiber PU cover, ideal for indoor play. Its panels provide a consistent touch, and the butyl bladder ensures consistent pressure. Keeping this ball inflated is hassle-free, making it an excellent choice for indoor soccer.


  • Very comfortable and durable cover
  • Utilizes hybrid panel technology
  • Butyl bladder keeps air well


  • Available in one color only
  • Shows dirt easily

Select Indoor Speed

Crafted specifically for indoor play, the Select Indoor Speed ball is strong, durable, and perfect for the best players. Its felt cover is slightly thicker for a faster and lighter experience. This ball allows for premium shots due to its lightweight and consistent flight. Whether for training or actual play, the Select Indoor Speed is a high-quality option for serious soccer enthusiasts.

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  • Premium felt cover
  • Lightweight with consistent flight
  • Excellent for training or actual play


  • Training with multiple balls can be costly
  • Feels too lightweight for some players

Select Numero 10

The Numero 10 soccer ball is renowned for its versatility as a training ball. Approved for NHS, NCAA, and IMS play, it stands out with its high-quality stitching and premium materials. Neoprene foam adds an extra level of softness and consistent bounce. This ball is suitable for all surfaces and is highly recommended for its exceptional performance.


  • 32-panel construction for durability
  • High-quality outer shell for better softness and control
  • Approved for various leagues


  • Slightly more expensive
  • Some users may experience air retention issues

Mitre Impel Max

The Mitre Impel Max is a quality indoor ball perfect for consistent play. Designed for artificial surfaces, this ball provides a reliable bounce for training. While it’s not the most remarkable option, it gets the job done. Many players use it for drills, and it can even be used in a match if needed.


  • Two different sizes available
  • Consistent training ball
  • Trusted company name


  • Might not be premium enough for match use
  • Slightly harder than typical indoor soccer balls


Q: Is it worth investing in an indoor soccer ball?
A: If you frequently play indoors, it’s worth investing in a ball tailored to that surface. Understanding the differences and using the right ball can greatly improve your game. These affordable and high-quality options are a small price to pay for a ball that performs exceptionally well.

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In conclusion, finding the right indoor soccer ball is crucial for optimal performance. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, these hand-picked options offer durability, control, and affordability. Upgrade your indoor soccer experience with one of these top-quality balls!

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