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Can You Score From a Throw-In in Soccer?

Throw-ins are a common occurrence in soccer games. However, have you ever wondered if it’s possible to score directly from a throw-in? In this article, we will explore the rules and possibilities surrounding throw-ins in soccer.

What Is a Throw-In?

Before we delve into the potential of scoring from a throw-in, let’s first understand what a throw-in is. A throw-in occurs when the ball goes out of play to the side of the pitch. The team that did not put the ball out of play is awarded the throw-in. To execute a throw-in, a player must stand with both feet firmly on the ground and throw the ball with two hands over their head.

Can You Score From a Throw-In?

It is not possible to score directly from a throw-in. If the ball enters the goal directly from a throw-in, a goal kick is awarded. To score from a throw-in, a player needs to touch the ball before it enters the net. This rule ensures that teams cannot solely rely on throw-ins for scoring goals, maintaining a balanced and fair game.

While scoring directly from a throw-in is not allowed, there are still ways to take advantage of a throw-in and score a goal. Teams can employ long throw-in specialists who can launch the ball into the opponent’s 18-yard box, creating opportunities for attackers to head the ball into the net. Additionally, short throw-ins can be used effectively by delivering a cross to the edge of the box for strikers to score.

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Exploiting Throw-Ins for Scoring Goals

If your team doesn’t have a long throw-in specialist, don’t fret. Short throw-ins can still be impactful if executed properly. By positioning your team near the opponent’s goal, you can throw the ball to a player on the edge of the box who can then deliver a cross for a headed goal. Likewise, if a player receives the ball from a throw-in in a shooting position, they can score with their feet. There is even a strategic opportunity to score from an opposition’s throw-in through high-pressing tactics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Will the rules ever change to allow scoring directly from a throw-in?

It is highly unlikely that FIFA will change the rules to allow direct goals from throw-ins. The game of soccer has rarely seen significant rule changes, and altering this aspect would not be well-received by fans and the media. Allowing direct goals from throw-ins would potentially lead to an overuse of the tactic, diminishing the excitement and joy of set-piece routines.


In conclusion, while scoring directly from a throw-in is not possible in soccer, throw-ins can still be utilized strategically to create scoring opportunities. By employing long throw-in specialists and executing well-placed short throw-ins, teams can capitalize on the unique dynamics of this set-piece. Understanding the rules and leveraging throw-ins effectively can significantly enhance a team’s chances of scoring goals in a match.

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