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The Best Soccer Books: Explore the Intriguing World of Soccer


Soccer enthusiasts are always hungry for more knowledge about their favorite sport. What better way to delve deeper into the game than by reading soccer books? These books capture the essence of the sport, covering intriguing real-life stories and exploring the creative side of soccer. If you’re looking for captivating reads, here are the best soccer books that deserve a spot on your reading list.

1. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Manchester United holds a special place in the world of soccer, and “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants” offers a comprehensive journey through the club’s rich history. From its humble beginnings in the 1870s to the 2012-2013 season, this book provides insight into how the club blends its glorious past with a vision for the future.

2. Bloody Confused

Written from an American perspective, “Bloody Confused” explores the passionate world of Premier League rivalries. This unique take on the game focuses on clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea, and Liverpool, offering a fresh perspective for readers. It’s a must-read for those seeking a different viewpoint on the beautiful game.

3. The Fix: Soccer & Organized Crime

Delve into the intriguing world of match-fixing with “The Fix.” An investigative journalist uncovers the dark side of soccer as he explores the extent of corruption within the sport. This eye-opening read sheds light on a topic many fans may not be aware of.

4. Inverting the Pyramid

Soccer tactics have always fascinated fans and experts alike. “Inverting the Pyramid” takes a deep dive into the evolution of tactics throughout the sport’s history. By covering the greatest players and masterminds of the game, this book provides valuable insights into how strategies have changed over time.

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5. The Damned Utd

“The Damned Utd” tells the gripping tale of Brian Clough’s infamous 44-day tenure as the manager of Leeds United. Although it may not be a familiar story for some, this book offers a captivating glimpse into a forgotten era of soccer history. Prepare to be enthralled by the twists and turns of Clough’s tumultuous journey.

6. How Soccer Explains The World

Soccer is more than just a game—it’s a reflection of society. “How Soccer Explains The World” explores the influence of soccer on different cultures and communities. Even if you’re not a die-hard fan, this book will broaden your understanding of the impact soccer has on people of all ages.

7. Fever Pitch

“Fever Pitch” goes beyond soccer and delves into personal growth and identity. Through the lens of an Arsenal fan, this book explores themes of loneliness, family support, and the passionate nature of fandom. With a touch of humor, the author offers a unique perspective on the intertwining worlds of sport and life.

8. Brilliant Orange

Dutch soccer has always had its own unique style. “Brilliant Orange” pays tribute to the genius of Dutch soccer and the nation’s success on the international stage. Learn about the national traditions, the winning mentality, and the pride the Dutch take in their achievements on the pitch.

9. Seeing Red

Referees often face criticism from fans and players alike. “Seeing Red” provides an insider’s view of the referee’s world. Written by former Premier League referee Graham Poll, this book offers a glimpse into the conversations and challenges referees encounter on the field. It’s an eye-opening read for anyone interested in the complexities of officiating.

10. The Italian Job

“The Italian Job” takes a closer look at the stereotypes surrounding English and Italian soccer. Focusing on both club and national teams, this book brings together perspectives from renowned figures in the sport. It’s a must-read for soccer fans worldwide, offering a deeper understanding of the cultural nuances that shape the beautiful game.

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11. Among The Thugs

Uncover the dark side of soccer fandom with “Among The Thugs.” Author Bill Buford delves into the lives of football supporters who resort to violence, verbal abuse, and racism. This book provides a compelling account of the complex dynamics within the world of extreme soccer fandom.

12. The Beckham Experiment

David Beckham’s impact on modern soccer cannot be overstated. “The Beckham Experiment” offers a captivating exploration of Beckham’s time with the LA Galaxy in Major League Soccer. Through the eyes of author Grant Wahl, readers gain insight into Beckham’s influence on the team and the broader impact he has had on the sport.

13. Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography

Alex Ferguson is one of the most legendary figures in soccer history. In his autobiography, “Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography,” the former Manchester United manager takes readers on a journey through his career. From his playing days to his triumphant tenure at Manchester United, this book provides an intimate look at one of the sport’s most revered icons.

14. Soccernomics

Advanced analytics have revolutionized many sports, and “Soccernomics” brings that approach to soccer. This book offers an analytical perspective, exploring the sport’s tactics and providing valuable insights for coaches and avid fans. Dive deep into the world of data-driven analysis and discover a new side of soccer.

15. Why the US Men Will Never Win the World Cup

While the title may sound pessimistic, “Why the US Men Will Never Win the World Cup” provokes thoughtful discussion about the challenges facing American soccer. This book examines the obstacles preventing the United States from becoming a serious contender on the global stage. It serves as a reality check and encourages reflection on the state of the sport in the country.

Discover the Exciting World of Soccer with the Best Soccer Books

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If you’re an avid soccer fan or simply curious about the sport, these books offer a gateway to the captivating world of soccer. From rich historical accounts to thought-provoking analyses, each book provides a unique perspective on the beautiful game. Embrace your passion for soccer and embark on a literary journey that will deepen your understanding of the sport you love.


Q: Are these the only soccer books available?

A: These are some of the best soccer books worth considering, but there are numerous other excellent titles out there. This list represents a diverse selection that caters to different interests within the realm of soccer.

Q: Where can I find these books?

A: You can find these books in bookstores, both physical and online. Additionally, many libraries offer these titles for borrowing. Check your local library or preferred online book retailer for availability.

Q: Are these books suitable for casual soccer fans?

A: Absolutely! These books cater to a wide range of readers, including casual soccer fans. Each book offers a unique perspective that can be enjoyed by both passionate supporters and those looking to gain a deeper understanding of the sport.

Q: Do these books cover different aspects of soccer?

A: Yes, these books cover a broad range of topics, including club histories, tactics, cultural influences, personal stories, and more. Whether you’re interested in the tactical side of soccer or the cultural impact of the sport, there’s a book on this list that will cater to your interests.


Soccer books provide an exciting and immersive way to explore the world of soccer. Through captivating stories and insightful analyses, these books offer something for everyone, from die-hard fans to casual enthusiasts. So, grab a book from this list, dive in, and elevate your understanding and appreciation for the beautiful game. To learn more about Movin993, visit our website here.